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Movie Club App - Stream Filipino Movies for Free!
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Reminiscing about your favorite movies, past and present? No time to go to the theater or sit at home and watch TV? Want to support local studios and independent filmmakers?

Whether you're stuck in traffic, waiting in a long line or looking to cure the boredom blues, MovieClub is now available in the Philippines for your entertainment needs! MovieClub is a digital video-on-demand platform, streaming local and foreign content for FREE. No more monthly subscriptions, rentals, downloading or borrowing required.

The Philippines is emerging as a mobile-first country with more affordable options for smart devices and data plans as well as its on-the-go lifestyle. As smartphone penetration outpaces traditional computers and television, smartphones become the primary (sometimes only) source for information and media.

MovieClub was built bearing this in mind, not only to service viewers but also to enable the various contributors which support the media industry as well. Made by Filipinos, for Filipinos... you're already a member of the Club!

It is hard to produce local content because of the difficulties related to local movie releases, lack of DVD purchases or rentals and diminishing cable/TV rights. MovieClub aims to provide new revenue streams and marketing opportunities to monetize, promote and protect local content industry.

MovieClub can serve as a vault for Filipino content including classics (which we will revive/restore and digitize to showcase the history of the industry which paved the way for today's content creators), studio libraries, film festivals, local and foreign award winners and independent films.

MovieClub’s efforts will lead to the creation of a more sustainable local ecosystem which will allow our media industry to mature and target foreign audiences as well. MovieClub aims to make local content easily accessible and appreciated by all. This is what makes it a viable substitute for traditional media and advertising.

While MovieClub launched with a library primarily consisting of movies, we are beginning to add local TV series, music videos, news and sports as more media becomes available. The content is 100% legal and licensed from the rightful owners so it's a win-win situation for all.
The next time you find some free time on your hands, pick up your phone and watch a video on us. You'll get your entertainment fix and support local content creators at the same time!


MovieClub is currently available as an Android app, with the iOS and Web versions in the development pipeline. Look for the app preinstalled on your smartphone or tablet, or download MovieClub from the Google Play Store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.movieclubplus.android).

You may login using your Facebook account (one-click process) or register for a MovieClub account using your email address (be sure to click on the account activation link when you receive the confirmation email). You may browse through our collection, watch as much as you want and add selections to your "Movie Bucket" to easily keep track of content you want to watch later. As with all digital media, please ensure you have a stable data connection in order not to disrupt your viewing pleasure. We would love to hear your feedback or answer any questions you may have so we can continually improve our service.

Facebook -  https://www.facebook.com/MovieClubPH
Email - support@movieclub.ph

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