Monday, November 9, 2015

Random Brain Farts
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Hello online blog! :)


It's 2:32 am and I can't sleep. Insomnia. Hyperactive brain. Social media distractions. Back in May 2008 (when I first started my blog), I would write and talk about what happened during my day - just like a diary. The difference is, there's no secret lock or secret text codes (I do have a secret language only I can understand lol), the world can see my thoughts and my brain farts, like this one you are reading.


What is so interesting about my life? Pretty much the same as you. I believe that each one of us has our own story unique to our own. Mine is mostly all about my curiosity, dreams and passion. To some, it could be all about just daily struggles or the lack of it. Whatever it is, I'm 100% sure you have a story to tell. Something just unique to you. Write it down on a blog like me and find people who are attracted to your uniqueness and follow you. Who knows? Or not. Maybe you're secretive or you just don't care.


Just do one thing that scares you, or something that's outside of your comfort zone. You will be surprised how your story could evolve.


Boredom. Insomnia.


Two words that gave birth to my blog. I'm on my 7th year of blogging now. I've been on a hiatus a few times. The one thing I like about my blogging is that there really is no pressure at all. I share what I can and I hope to inspire people to become their best selves.


If you are reading this, please say "hi" on the comment section below :) It will take just a minute. :)


Until the next brain fart.




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