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Hello MacBook Air, Unboxing and Why I Buy Apple Products
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So, I used to be a proud owner of a MacBook Pro 13', but when we went to Boracay and I had to bring it for work, I felt it was too heavy for my traveling lifestyle. I decided to downgrade (or upgrade?) to the lightest MacBook I can find - the 11' MacBook Air 2014 model.

This time, I bought it from Power Mac in Rockwell. I got it for 44,900. A worthy investment, I'm sure this will last me 10 years if I really take good care of it.

Why I love Apple products?

I used to hate them, really like why would I buy an overpriced gadget when I could by a similar device that could function the same at a price way lower than that of Apple?

When I bought my MacBook Pro and used it for 3 years, and when I bought my first iPhone about 4 years ago, that's when I realized that I am paying for durability. I used to buy non-Apple laptops, they would function well for 1 year, and then I will encounter problems (lag, freezing, blue screen, cd/dvd-rom not working anymore, sounds got busted etc).

When I had my MacBook Pro, I never had problems at all and it's the only laptop I used for 3 years! The only problem I used to have was that it lagged when I updated it to the latest software. I just think it's because of the VirtualBox I installed and when I used it, it would lag. VirtualBox is where I installed a Windows Operating System. Yes, you can install a Windows OS if you want (only recommended if your Mac can take it. 8GB ram would be no problem!

Goodbye MacBook Pro

I had separation anxiety with this one! I had to give it to a new home :) It works really well especially that I reformatted it like brand new. It doesn't lag anymore of course because I did not install Windows anymore. It's still beautiful and I did not want to let it go... but what would I do with 2 MacBooks?

Hello MacBook Air

It is perfect when I travel, or when I just go to the gym and work at a coffee shop after. 


I will take care of you, like you'll take care of me. 

It is fast, efficient, effective, pretty and I love it! 


And thank you Matt for getting me a Hellolulu laptop backpack for my MacBook!

I love Hellolulu! It's so light and comfortable to carry around :)

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