Friday, October 3, 2014

Jergens 7-Day Challenge, Day 2 Dry vs Moisturized
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The challenge for the second day was to leave one arm (left) dry and to moisturize my other arm (right) with Jergens Soothing Aloe.

This is the picture of my left arm. I did not put anything on this arm after shower. You can also notice it in the photo that it looks dry, you can see lines and the appearance of scaly skin that shows my skin is really dry on its own. What I have observed with my skin, is that when it gets too dry, I itch and get allergies. Also, my skin looks older.

This is the photo of my right arm, the one that is moisturized with Jergens. You will see the instant difference, no lines or ugly looking scaly skin. With this, my skin looks healthier! Moisturizing is key to keeping a youthful glowing skin. Reveal your most beautiful skin yet!
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