Monday, August 11, 2014

Day 5: The Good Box PH Home Delivery Food Service
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Breakfast (360 kcal)
Mixed Vegetables and Cheese Sandwich

AM Snack (150 kcal)
Fresh Homemade Smoothie (not sure what it is but I think it was milk and Lychee)

LUNCH (300 kcal)
Nutty Chicken Penne

PM Snack (120 kcal)
Oat Cookies

Dinner (300 kcal)
Tofu Tacos
Vegetable Sticks and salad dressing dip

This is the last day of the 5-day 1200kcal delivery. Overall, I say good job Good Box :) Things I noticed regarding my diet are the following:

- I feel full! but get hungry easy. Maybe that's why food is divided to 5 meals :)
- Lots of fruits and veggies
- They use brown rice and couscous <3
- I needed more protein. Maybe I should have gotten 1500kcal
- healthy digestive track (you know what I mean)
- Need to add more meat if I did a heavy workout

Have you tried any of the food delivery service? Where and how was your experience?

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