Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Smart Bro's New Dashboard
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Managing your Smart Bro subscriptions is now easier! With the new Smart Bro Dashboard, you can now easily access everything related to your broadband accounts.

You get to check:
- SIM number
- current load balance
- promo subscription validity
- full list of broadband packages

It also includes features like "Load Protect". When turned on, this prevents subscribers from unintended data charges. 

Check it now by going to

Free Facebook and Twitter!

Just try it! You've got nothing to lose, it's free! I've always taken advantage of the SmartNet service. With the new dashboard, you can also get free and uninterrupted access to Facebook and Twitter feeds through SmartNet. Just sign in to a SmartNet account and link your social media profiles and you will be able to post status updates for your friends to see :)

Here's a sample of my Tweet and Facebook measage using SmartNet (for free!)

Aside from this, you can also access content like music through SPINNR, movie streaming from Clickplay, and online game e-Pins from GameX. Visiting these sites from the dashboard is free!

The SmartBro dashboard is initially available to all prepaid Plug-it, Pocket WiFi and SIM-only subscribers and postpaid LTE users. The dashboard automatically opens when opening the browser, reaches zero balance or when "Load Protect" is turned on and  promo subscription expores.

To know more about SmartBro, you may visit

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