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PLDT TVolution - Converts regular TV into Internet TV
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I often wonder what my world will be like in 5 years. I would track back to 5 years ago, just to remember what I was thinking then, what "today" would be like. I was already blogging for a year. The concept of Social Media was pretty much new to everyone but people saw the potential in using them. Everyone went wireless and connected to the Internet. I never thought navigating the Metro traffic would be easier with my smartphone and booking cabs would be easy using my phone too! I never thought TV could also connect to the Internet and become "Smart" like my mobile gadgets.

Today, we are privileged to have tablets, smartphones and smart TVs. These things make our lives more convenient, more in-tuned with what's happening with the rest of the world, and more customized to our own preferences. 

Not everyone in the Philippines has an Internet TV. But a lot of us here want to experience the things that it can do. When the unconventional act of turning your regular TV into an Internet TV is accomplished in three easy steps, its considered totally amazing.

At least, thats how the fun-loving duo Debbie and Chloe describe it.  Shortening the phrase into the catchy expression totes amaze, these two young ladies share what they love about the wonder gadget TVolution, the latest innovation of PLDT HOME.  This small but powerful device has the ability to turn your ordinary television at home into an Internet TV, which offers limitless viewing possibilities.

Once you know what a PLDT HOME TVolution can do, you would be totally amazed like me! I appreciate how it offers amazing features while being very easy to use. It is now available for only P199 per month to the subscribers of PLDT HOME Fibr, as well as of PLDT HOME DSL Plans 999 and up.  At minimal costs, customers get the same benefits of a Smart TV.

Just WHAT exactly can it do?
  • It can bring your Internet experience to a screen larger than your desktop/laptop computer
  • your TV becomes your monitor
  • Access to exclusive PLDT HOME content such as Clickplay that lets you stream from a selection of over 200 blockbuster movies on-demand.
  • Unlimited entertainment at utmost viewing comfort

HOW easy is it to set-up?

TVolution also bypasses the complicated setup and operation of a gadget.  Take it from Debbie and Chloe, who love it because its easy yet so techy.  It can be done in three steps:

·      Step 1: Connect your TVolution to your HDMI-ready TV.
·      Step 2: Connect to your WiFi modem by typing in your password.
·      Step 3: Use your QWERTY remote to go online or watch movies.

To enjoy more of Debbie and Chloes quirks, visit their Facebook page Totes AmazeGirls. To learn more about PLDT HOME TVolution, call 171 or log on to

HOW Does PLDT TVolution work?

The TVolution operates on an Android-based platform, powered by quad-core processors. You can connect it to any HDMI-ready TV and sync it with a PLDT HOME Fibr WiFi connection.

You can stream movies and TV series using PLDT HOME Telpad or any Android device as remote control. The features include:
  • 4GB internal data storage
  • micro SD card slot
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • HDMI input and output
  • 2 USB ports

Beyond movies and TV series

On top of high-definition movies from Clickplay and TV series from MyPinoyTV, TVolution users can also access more content by downloading apps like Spinnr powered by SMART Music and EA Games through PLDT HOME’s knaAPPsack. The TVolution also gives Fibr subscribers a multitasking TV through apps like Kingsoft Office, the ability to use their TVs to surf the Internet, and play games, both online and offline.

Paired with the speed and power of a Fibr connection, TVolution opens up a world of possibilities and helps subscribers create more of their strongest connections at home. Together, families can experience the best of communication, entertainment, and multimedia on the Internet through the secure platform TVolution offers. 

Find out more on or call 101-FIBR.

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