Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Laboracay 2014: Jack City, Live The Adventure
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I was not supposed to go to the Laboracay weekend this year, but when you get an invite from Jack City to Live the Adventure, you can't say no!

Jack City invited us (Me and Ynnah) as Smart Ambassadors to Live the Adventure and complete 24 hours of challenging games, activities and parties!

My and Ynnah

This is to celebrate Jack City's new show that aired earlier, May 6 at 1pm: 24 Live Another Day.

24: Live Another Day is friendly to all viewers. Whether you follow Jack Bauer's exploits or not, you can just tune in easily to the show without getting lost!

Yes, his story is revived with a really good twist! You would know this if you watched the premiere earlier! If not, don't worry, just catch up on the latest episodes of 24 Live Another Day on Jack City!

It was definitely a fun experience! It was one of my dream jobs to become a CIA agent, but I think this is the closest I could get to experiencing that!

In the end, me and my awesome partner Ynnah won the challenge and we won round trip tickets to Coron! Yaye!

Thank you Sky Jet for flying us safely to the island.

We stayed at The District Boracay

#solaroneboracay activities just right in front of District!

View from our room <3

Yes, I accept this mission!

Thank you Patagonia for the shoes - this is love!

Got me ready to reach the sky with these shoes!

Me and Ynnah both got to the top and get our Skyjet flags! :)


The next day, we had cross fit challenge. This picture was taken before the challenge where I still had energy to do pole tricks :P

Thank you to all the sponsors as well! 

And yaye! trip to coron for us and new Smart Samsung Pocket smart phones :D

Thank you Jack TV, Solar and Smart for inviting us! We really had fun!

You can still watch 24 Tonght!

Check out Jack City Schedule for May

Follow Jack City, Solar and Smart!

Jack City Facebook: facebook.com/Solar.JackCity
Smart Communications Website: smart.com.ph
Smart Twitter: @smartcares
Solar One Boracay instagram: @solaroneboracay

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