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KL - Vietnam Trip Prelude
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It's been a while since my last backpacking trip. I think the last time I was out carrying my backpack for so lang was when PHL 360 happened. PHL 360 is an online reality travel show, go check it out :)

Let me tell you about the nature of this trip. April 3, 2013, Air Asia had a super seat sale and my blogger friends from Malaysia invited me to join them for a trip to Vietnam. Gaaah!!! I was so excited that I booked a ticket from KL - Vietnam immediately. The travel date is from April 5 to 12, 2014! Booked exactly 1 year before travel date. The ticket just cost me Php 3k ++ (USD 65). I know that Cebu Pacific already has a direct flight from Manila to Vietnam, but having a stop over in KL doesn't sound like a bad plan at all.

I just had to wait for Cebu Pacific to have a seat sale from Manila to KL. I think somewhere in May, it happened, I booked my MLA - KL ticket for Php 2k ++ (USD 50). Amazeballs!

Traveling need not be expensive!

Now I just had to wait for 1 year.

Fastforward to April 2014 yaye!

Quick trip to KL

I arrived at 1am and finding the right hotel for me was a bit tricky. I decided to book at Sri Enstek Hotel through

Sri Enstek Hotel
Overall verdict: Would recommend to friends, click here to book!

I booked this hotel through Agoda and based on the reviews, it was clear to me that this hotel is a little bit far from the city center but that this hotel is quite near to the airport and great for people in transit. Overall, it was an AMAZING experience! I booked a shuttle service for only MYR10. They picked me up at the airport even in the wee hours (1am), the driver and staff asked me if I want to stop by 7/11 if I'm hungry. I really appreciate this. The staff were all friendly. The breakfast was decent (bread, jam, coffee and nasi lemak). The area is a little bit away from the city, but not to worry, you can take the shuttle going to the airport or to the nearest train station that will take you to the city.

There is a 24 hour restaurant just across the hotel. Rooms are clean, they had flat screen TV, I was able to watch a movie and a Filipino soap they air on MY. The shower was awesome, they have heated shower and the water was abundant. Despite the fact that my friend in Malaysia found Sri Enstek really secluded, I had to disagree. I was there just to stay 24 hours, and leave the hotel to go straight to the airport. They also had a computer and printing machine that could print your boarding pass. Plus, wifi is awesome! Bottomline, I would recommend this hotel to friends and I really am so impressed with their service.

Around Petaling Jaya and Klang

After this, I met with my friends :) We went around Petaling Jaya to eat some crispy chicken with curry sauce and bean sprouts! Yum! That was one good fried chicken. Then we went around Amcorp Mall to pick up the new camera my friend bought and later eat at A&W restaurant to eat some pancakes and rootbeer!

After that went to friend's house to fix things before we finally head on to the airport!

Some flower juice thing :) Thank you Alvin for the treat!

They serve a lot of rice here! Like 4 times my usual consumption.

I don't think we have one in the Philippines

Strawberry pancake with vanila ice cream!

Root beer float

Meeting Yenty for the first time at Mary Grace Hotel (inside joke)
I meant to say Mary Brown in LCCT airport in Malaysia :P

Bolu Gulung Meranti

Specialty in Yenty's place in Medan, Indonesia. It is made of some sort of angel cake with cheese inside!

Thank you Yenty!

Up next, our first day in Hanoi, Vietnam :D
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