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Smart Live All Out: Araw ng Dabaw
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It's a shame not to experience the different festivals we have in the Philippines. I take such great pride that I live in a country where every town hosts fun festivals that are rich in culture and well - food! Every city has something special to offer. This year, is my first time to ever set foot in Mindanao, first stop - Davao city for the Smart Live All Out: Araw ng Dabaw!

My first impression of Davao City: 

No traffic
Friendly people

We arrived at Park Inn Hotel which is just right behind SM Lanang. Meet my room mate Ynnah, the famous Twitter manager of @TheseDamnQuote. You can also follow her personal account at @YnnahBonina.

When you find yourself in Davao, you gotta try the notorious/controversial fruit DURIAN! I have tried the real pulp of the real durian fruit and it was not something I jumped in joy for :P Durian shake sounded friendlier and interesting so I ordered it.

The smell is strong... and I bravely took a sip!

Uhm... well, they say it is an acquired taste, and it does not taste that fascinating for my tongue. But it is not unpleasant either. The smell was just too strong for me.

But hey, don't let this stop you from eating durian! I tried to research and I found out that though this fruit is high in energy (calories), it does not have saturated fat and cholesterol. It also helps in controlling blood pressure, and well a lot of other nutritional benefits like Vitamin C. It also has a complete set of B vitamins that are rare to find in a fruit.

We ate lots of seafood! This one is their local "tanguige" and I ordered it buttered, on a sizzling plate! YUM!

You also have to try their famous tuna belly and tuna jaw (panga).

After dinner, we went out to party! First stop is the Step Up party, somewhere in the city (Davao is a big city).

Next stop is the Liberalia Neon Glow party at Crocodile park. Got some neon paint to glow and this was before it rained!

Smart Liberalia party is one of the highlights of this years celebration for "Araw ng Dabaw"! The party started at 3pm on March 15 thrown by the country's top DJs Ace Ramos, Aliana Jimenez, Clyde Harris, Curse and Bless, Reo Mendoza, Erwin Edralin, Surf, DJ Wacky Masbad and Torch Gacuma.

Then, it rained... party didn't stopped! 

DJ Surf had a party robot with him!

DJ Surf spinning

Awesome crowd!

Everyone here is generous! DJ Ace giving someone a drink!

Up the stage :P

Me, Ynnah and @lancedeocampo with DJ Ace spinning at the back!


Thank you Smart for inviting us to this one awesome party!

In the morning, we wanted to participate in the day activities of the festival - PARADE! The Smart Store on Wheels was there to participate as well!

Ynnah and me up at 7am for the party! We don't want to miss the fun!

I feel so safe in Dave, there were military men everywhere!

Time for the parade! Smart has their own drum beaters!

That was an awesome weekend! I will definitely come back to explore more of Davao!

Giant Durian by the airport - the last photo I got from Davao :P

For now.

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