Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Partying in Davao: Liberalia, My First Neon Glow Party
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Smart sure knows how to party! Thank you for inviting me into one epic party!

Smart Liberalia party is one of the highlights of this years celebration for "Araw ng Dabaw"! The party started at 3pm on March 15 thrown by the country's top DJs Ace Ramos, Aliana Jimenez, Clyde Harris, Curse and Bless, Reo Mendoza, Erwin Edralin, Surf, DJ Wacky Masbad and Torch Gacuma.

We loved the NEON GLOW!

We loved the rain that blessed us all that night!

We loved the music!

We loved the energy!

 With my fellow Smart Ambassadors @ynnahbonina and @lancedeocampo

It was also my first time in Davao! And despite the fact that Davao has curfew, they sure know how to party once in a while!
Great food, great people, awesome party! Thank you for this awesome experience Davao and Smart! Follow Smart for updates on their latest events and promos: Facebook: Twitter: @smartcares Instagram: @smartcares
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