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Carmen's Best Ice Cream
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The people who have tried Carmen’s Best just has one thing to say “delicious!” I personally tried Carmen’s Best because my officemates bought one for a birthday celebrant. When I tried it, I just wanted more and ever since, I’ve been visiting their shop at The Market along LP Leviste st. It is my favorite “pasalubong”, gift, peace offering.

The Story of Carmen’s Best

What started out as Paco Magsaysay’s hobby, turned out to be something people have been craving for - Carmen’s Best ice cream! He had access to pure and fresh cow’s milk from the family’s dairy farm in laguna and it just seemed natural for him to try to make his own ice cream.

This hobby soon turned into a successful small business. In 2013, the family established a fresh milk processing plant in the country. In the same year, Paco also finished Penn State’s Ice Cream Short Cours with the top prize: the Keeney Award.

Today, Carmen’s Best is poised to raise the bar on how premium ice cream should taste.

The Raw Materials

Carmen’s Best is made from 100% cow’s milk and cream, fresh from their own dairy farm every day. It is one of the best homemade artisanal ice cream you could every try. I personally got in touch with Paco and while I was commending about the rich, creamy and dense feel of the ice cream, he said that it is made of pure and fine ingredients. For example, their Pistachio flavour is made of full, real (no fake flavouring) pistachios. That’s why the flavour tasted legit.

Carmen’s Best is made the old-fashioned way. That means, no water, no additives, no mass-producing, all craftsmanship.


The flavours range from traditional Vanilla, made with vanilla beans from Madagascar, to the much-loved Malted Milk, made with childhood Horlicks malted milk powder from England and their Pistachio flavor made with pure pistachios from Sicily.


Best Choice Awards: Best Choice Artisanal Ice Cream Brand
Our Awesome Planet’s Ultimate Taste Test: Overall Winner
2011 Filipino Artisanal Ice Cream: Overall Winner
Manila Survival Guide’s: Five Best Artisanal Ice Cream Brands’s: Top 10 Homemade Ice Cream

I think that’s enough talk everyone. Why don’t you just try it and experience the great taste of Carmen’s Best for yourself?

Carmen’s Best Contest

I am giving away a P1000 gc to 1 lucky reader. Simply follow these instructions:

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2. Post the link of your tweet on the comment section below with the answer to this question:
"If you are a Carmen's Best ice cream flavor, what are you and why?" 
  • I will pick the one with the most creative answer
  • I will select my winner on April 2


I highly encourage you to join so you can try this premium ice cream with your friends and family!

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    If I'm a Carmen's Best ice cream flavor, I'll be as Cereal Milk coz Cereal is like rough & crunchy which is sometimes comparable to my rugged style and the smoothness of milk comparing to my seamless ideas that I bring to the table

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    If I am a Carmen's Best ice cream flavor, I would be Hokey Pokey. Just by its name, one can't help but be intrigued. You will be definitely be getting something that is interesting, unique and delicious! The Hokey Pokey is
    definitely one flavor you will surely not regret discovering. This flavor definitely the one that fits me the best ;)