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Local Antibacterial Soaps Side by Side Review
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I've been on the lookout for antibacterial soaps this cold season since everyone around me is already getting sick. I go around the city, hold stair railings, press elevator buttons, use ATM machines, and hold money everyday.

For someone like me who is not afraid to explore the world, I would also need to have a strong immune system, plus an added protection to my skin - my first line of defense! I don't want to hold back in my adventures only because I'm afraid of getting sick!

I travel quite a lot, and do street pole too! Which makes me so much exposed to germs, bacteria, and viruses. The skin is my first line of protection and I know that if I need to enjoy my daily activities, I need to stay protected!

I've also been doing Hot Yoga, and one of the general etiquette says, you must have showered or not use any deodorant with strong scent or strong perfume inside the studio. Strong deodorants, body odor, or perfume might distract other yoga goers (and that would be me). I also do not want to disturb my fellow yoga goers so how do you go about handling body odor without using a deodorant? Hot yoga usually heats the room up to 36 degrees while holding different yoga poses. I kid not, doing this makes me sweat like crazy - like my house helper would think I jumped in the pool but I just actually came from Hot Yoga class! With this, I had to use a soap that protects me from any germ or bacteria build-up in my body that causes body odor. These antibacterial soaps would actually act as my deodorant for my Yoga class.

I checked out the local grocery stores for antibacterial soaps and compared them side-by-side. The leading brand comes in 3 scents, but I chose the basic one - White. I tried another brand that also has antibacterial capabilities but is not as popular (but something worth trying as well). Shield antibacterial bath soap also comes in 3 scents and I chose the basic one to compare - Shield Cleansing White.

Leading Brand

We are all familiar with this brand and it can be bought anywhere and everywhere. I have tried using this because mom buys this for the house, but my only concern all the time is that it dries out my skin more than other soaps in the market. Leading brand also has a strong fragrance and even if I just leave it in my room for stock, it would overwhelm my room with its scent - maybe because I also have a very sensitive nose.

The plus side is that the packaging is sturdy, so you can travel with this and the soap won't easily jump out of the box and spread on the other things that you pack. Also, even if the scent would be quite strong as is, you would feel fresh after using it. It also has a curvy part that will allow you to hold the soap and stay in your hand without slipping. It also has antibacterial qualities that will protect you for 24 hours. I don't have the tools to prove this while testing the product for a week, but I do feel fresh even after a long day at work - and at pole. This soap also lasts long in the shower, when rested in a soap dish. It gives a good lather when cleansing and leaves you with a "squeaky" clean feeling after going out of the bathroom.

Then again, after I dry out, my skin would dry easily. So then I would have to put moisturizer or lotion just to compensate for the drier skin feel. But, when I do pole dancing, I cannot pole with lotion - so this is also a dilemma I have to face.

Shield Cleansing White

This is the first time I actually tried Shield. I've seen its commercial and what attracted me to trying it out is that it has moisturizers. Shield also has fragrance and if I put it in a room, I could smell where in the room it is located. This is just me, I think, because I have a really sensitive nose. The fragrance is also powerful but not unpleasant. The scent would disappear after a few hours, but it still leaves me feeling fresh either way. The packaging is not as sturdy as compared to the other brand, though, and if you bring this for travel, secure it in another bag. But this is just a minor thing for me and I really don't mind this downside.

The great side about this soap on the other hand, which is of real importance to me, is its moisturizing capabilities! Shield has Active Skin Moisturizers (Shea Butter) that maintains skin's natural moisture while cleansing. This by itself would make me decide to choose this bar without a doubt. It also fights bacteria and acts as a body deodorizer all over. This in turn left me feeling fresh after shower and during the day. With its deodorant capabilities, it also has antibacterial function that would also protect my skin from any bacteria, which could irritate my skin or cause body odor.

The Verdict

In summary, here are the pros and cons of each product compared side by side according to the personal criteria I chose.

Fragrance: Both soaps are perfumed and powerful. I would not recommend this to people with hyper sensitive skin at all. But for people like me who have skin like leather or those who don't get irritated by fragrance, this is a good soap for you. For fragrance, my winner would be Shield. It is less overwhelming than the leading brand, and the fragrance is not too unpleasant.

Packaging: Like I mentioned, the leading brand wins this category. It has a sturdier box that is okay for travel (or even storing used soap like I do sometimes when I travel). Shield's box would break a little, but again this category would only apply if you travel with the soap.

Availability: Leading brand is more visible even in sari-sari stores. Although, Shield can also be bought in any grocery store.

After-shower feel: Leading brand and Shield tied on this one. They both feel refreshing after shower.

Protection: Leading brand would have to win this category by a small pinch. Although both brands give good protection, the leading brand has the word "24 hour protection" on its label. I am not sure how long Shield promises to protect the skin after use, then again, I don't have any tools to measure this.

Moisturizer: Definitely Shield. And like I said, I would choose Shield based only on this criteria and nothing else. It leaves the skin still feeling hydrated.

Longevity: Leading brand lasts longer in a soap dish.

Price: Shield is P3.50 more affordable (Shield 60g - Php11.25, Leading brand 60g - Php14.75)

Again, if it were just me, I would choose Shield on the grocery counter. My only criteria would be - more moisturizing effect, the more affordable price is just a plus! But, I know most of you would have your own criteria. So tell me, which one would you choose?

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  1. Hi Hannah! We met at Sofitel's Oktoberfest this year and I remembered the name of your blog. I like your site's layout. :)

    I think I know what the leading brand is! I've seen Shield in the grocery. I should give it a try. I agree that moisturizing is an important part of skincare.

    By the way, talking about moisturizing, would you know of any good moisturizer/sunscreen for sensitive skin? I've been looking for a great moisturizer/sunscreen product for the longest time. Thanks!!