Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Kun Seng Keng Dragon Dance at Resorts World Manila
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We just greeted the Year of the Wooden Horse with a very warm welcome and it is yet another reason to celebrate! New year, new chances, new opportunities! Let's welcome the year with a big bang and brace ourselves for all the good things to come!

Last Saturday, me and Matt went to Resorts World Manila to be a part of their New Year celebration, the Imperial Festival.

There were different booths surrounding the stage area.

There were festive decorations everywhere and I felt like I was transported to another country.

Cherry blossoms behind us!

We went around the mall to eat and had our dessert at Crepes n' Cream.

Lucky! Because we had a really good view of the Imperial Festival performances!

First up, the traditional Dragon dance.

This is the part where the Dragon chases the Pearl of Wisdom.

Next, was the Chinese Lion Dance.

All I could think of was "CUTE KITTIES!!!"

I was deceived, because as much as I want to own a kitty as big as the one before me, there were highly skilled dancers inside!

I am not so sure what the Chinese characters say, but I'm sure it should say something like Happy New Year and may we all of us have an awesome year ahead! I think. :)

Next is martial arts - Wushu by Phil. Ling Nam
The art of combat dance :)

Yoyo/Drums Exhibition
I'd rather make noise through music than fireworks to welcome the new year, and those drums were loud!

Last but not the least, the moment I've been waiting for - to witness the Kun Sung Keng Pole Dance. Nope, it's not the pole dancing that I do, this one is different, more difficult and dangerous!

Hello there lion :)

Nope, he is not resting, in a bit it will jump!

Need I remind you that there are two people in this suit? and during their performance, they went hopping around those different poles!

That was a pretty bad-ass show, I must say, I am inspired by the passion they have for the dance. I'm sure it required a lot of training hours to put up a good one as that.

To get updated with the latest events happening at Resorts World Manila, visit their website at www.rwmanila.com or follow them on Twitter (@rwmanila) and Facebook (facebook.com/rwmanila).

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