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7107 International Music Festival Survival Guide
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I am so excited to be a part of this epic concert! To all of you who will be there, here are a few tips (in addition to the ones already in the survival guide) to prepare yourself for an awesome 7107 experience!

1. Read the 7107 Survival Guide

They just shared this a few hours ago. Read this a day before going to the venue so that you are prepared to bring/purchase any thing that you might need for the concert!

You can download the 7107 Survival Guide here to your mobile devices using Smart LTE. I have mine downloaded on my iPad!

2. Bring a Poncho

It is also mentioned in the survival kit. But I find ponchos very handy as compared to bringing umbrellas. For one reason, they did not mention specifically that you cannot bring umbrellas, but according to the Festival Rules, it might fall under "No sharp, studded, spiked, or chained items - fashion items included". I am not sure if they allow umbrellas, but just to be safe, leave that bulky umbrella behind and bring a poncho and a cool hat instead!

To be honest, I am not sure where you can buy this in Manila. I got mine from when I watched the Formula 1 before. I hope they sell it in the venue. If not, why did I not think of selling them? Ugh! Please comment below if you know of any shop to buy this. Anyway, this kind of poncho is very light because it is very thin and when folded, is just the size of a regular men's wallet. Light, but in case it rains, you're protected. Unless, you intentionally want to get soaked in the rain - why not!

Come to think of it, I think one of those Japanese "88 store" sells these. If not these at least raincoats that are light and not too bulky!

Worst case scenario, bring a white XXXXL trash bag --- just kidding!

3. Have your car checked!

If you are bringing a car, it just makes sense to always drop by a gas station at least and have them check your tires, water, radiator, coolant, oil, engine, etc. You don't want to be late and go to all the hassle if ever your car wonks out all of a sudden!

4. Turn on your Smart LTE!

My friends always say, if you don't have photos/videos, it didn't happen. I know, I know... annoying friends they are!  But hey, you won't have this problem when you are subscribed to Smart LTE! 

If you are not subscribed yet, you can go to to know more detals.

5. Bring your Powerbank!

You know how our smartphones are these days - they are power hungry! So bring an extra power source in your bag because there will be no sockets to plug and charge your phones there with.

6. Ditch the makeup, unless you're going to look really awesome without your eyeliner smudging your face as hours pass by.

Daytime Festival Makeup suggestions

That's a long title, but I couldn't think of :P This is one of the most awaited Music Festivals this year and you want to immortalize this memory by taking photos. And when moments like these are documented (not by your camera or mobile phone) but by your friends' cameras which you have no control of - you need to look like you're rockin' it! It's hot and humid in our country and you must be careful in wearing makeup. 

If you want to stand out, look ethereal during the day and night, use makeup that will complement you.

Night time Festival Makeup suggestion

Make Up Store Philippines has Strazz stones and other festival friendly colors!

7. Be careful of what you eat.

You don't want to have the stomach flu when your favorite artist is already playing. So eat what your tummy can take! 

8. Drink your vitamins and bring medicines

The usual medical ailments human bodies encounter in participating in a festival are: acid reflux, gastritis, indigestion, migraine, allergy, etc.

Don't bring your entire Medicine kit, just bring the usual stuff: antacid, paracetamol, mefanamic acid, antihistamine, anti-motility, antiemetic.

9. Review the artists' songs!

It's always fun to sing along! Otherwise, just lip sync "watermelon, watermelon, watermelon" if you forgot the lyrics! :P

10. Enjoy!

No drama, no fighting, good vibes! We are all going to 7107 IMF to enjoy great music. So be friends with everyone, be patient, help others when you can, and enjoy!!!

Well, those are all the things I could think of, if you want to contribute more, you may comment below!

See you there!!!

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