Sunday, January 12, 2014

What a Blast 2013!
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I just want to say good bye to 2013, and embrace the new 2014 with a whole lot of passion! A lot of things happened during 2013. I think of 2013 as a year of realignment, mostly a transition into the life I want to live. I've had a lot of adventures but 2013 was the year I wanted to start focusing on improtant things. I wanted to slow down a little and pay attention to the people I am with. Friends, family, loved ones and of course myself!

But before doing this, I want to give myself the best summer first! I got really busy with work, but I got the summer I really wanted!

Smart Live All Out

It was one of my best summers ever! It was my first time staying in Boracay for 8 days during the LaBoracay weekend. Thanks to Smart for giving us a lot of activities and parties to make our Boracay vacation AWESOME! I definitely lived all out!

First Summer Photoshoot with Vaseline

Stellar Year 3

It was my 3rd Pole recital! And we had a blast!

Magazine Features

Top 10 Lifestyle Bloggers of ASIA

Meg Magazine Feature

Polecats Apprenticeship

This is the highlight of my Pole Life! To be invited to be an apprentice of the best Pole Dancing studio in the Philippines is an honor!

Vie and Vault Pole Duo Champion

Me and partner Nielsen spent a lot of time practicing pole doubles. Who knew it would be so much fun! :)

Smart LTE

Yes, this is a highlight of my life, because I work online and I need reliable connection. In times my home internet provider fails, I got my back by Smart :)

Both iPad mini and iPhone powered by Smart LTE :D

More splits this year

It was a great year of strength and flexibility!

Pole Stars Workshop


Jet setting 3 Regions / 3 Cities in 1 Day

That day we traveled from Boracay, to Cebu, to Manila!

Pokemon in 3D 

I've been waiting for this game! And Matt surprised me an advanced birthday gift!!!

Parties! And lots of Parties!

MEGA Grand Ball

Food Trips!

and of course, the lovely Holidays :)

It was a great year and this year indeed. Let's make this year more awesome!

Thank you Partners and Sponsors

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How did your 2013 go? 

Please share, I appreciate your thoughts and stories!
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