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Easy Cooking with Top Torikatsu
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My world is very much influenced with Japanese culture lately. I have been watching One Piece, playing Pokemon, and I've been into Japanese food. I've been eating ramen, sushi and yakiniku! I love watching Cooking Master Boy and Yakitate Japan (anime about making bread)! It cannot be avoided, I have to make a Japanese dish that I, and my boy have been craving for! We are lovers of food - but not exactly cooks. So how do we do it?

I've heard of the latest product of Bountry Fresh that just made my day! Time is scarce for us since I've been busy with my pole dancing apprenticeship and Matt has been busy with his new job. Yesterday, we are just happy to spend time and cook together! An easy dinner for us, but a really delicious one thanks to the new Top Torikatsu by Bounty Fresh!

Now, Bounty Fresh brings us Top Torikatsu, the first in a brand new line of heat-and-eat items for people who lack time or the knowhow to prepare meals but nonetheless appreciate great-tasting chicken dishes. Top Torikatsu is inspired by the ever-popular Japanese breaded chicken cutlet dish. It is made out of the choicest 100% chicken breast coated with crispy breadcrumps for that extra crunch and texture.

P179 per 450g pack
not bad for 6 breaded pieces inside
You can buy this in major supermarkets near you!

I always go for sausages and canned goods when I go home and find out there's no food. A pole dancer must eat after practice, if not I'll die! Thank you Bounty Fresh for this miracle, I hope they will make more awesome food like this!

It’s very easy to cook, just fry each side for three minutes.

First, we took the breaded chicken out of the bag.

Then, we measured 250ml of oil as instructed. Or, if you have a good sense of estimating things, just go ahead and do your thing. Important thing is, we fry the cutlets properly.

We allowed 3 minutes to get the oil hot and ready.

Next, we fry it!

When it has the golden brown color (or after 3 minutes) flip it!

It's as easy as that!

When done, strain the fried cutlets

Transfer in a paper serving to absorb oil (in our case tissue).

Sprinkle more chives, if you want to make it look more impressive...



It took us less than 10 minutes to do everything and wow were we surprised to actually even taste it and it DOES taste GOOD!

*High FIVE* 

I can cook yaye!

The bread was juicy and not dry. 

The oozing cheese and chives were a bonus! We had a tonkatsu sauce ready but, I liked it better as is!

We ate it with Japanese fried rice!!!

AWESOME Dinner in less than 10 minutes!

With its 100% pure, quality chicken goodness that only Asia’s Best Bounty Fresh can provide, along with its unique flavors and ease of preparation, Top Torikatsu is definitely something that you will love in an instant.

I actually went to Rustan's Powerplant to buy this - but it is SOLD OUT! My, I didn't know it was getting this popular. So I drove to the nearest grocery store at A-venue and lucky they still have it!

Top Torikatsu is available at P179 per 450g pack in major supermarkets.

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