Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Yabu - House of Katsu

 Would you believe it's my first time here? I know! I finally had to see for myself (or rather taste) what the fuzz is all about!

We're stuck in Manila because of work. Next best thing to do, is to go around the city and explore, while traffic is tolerable.

Grind the sesame seeds to prepare the sauce.

Pour tonkatau sauce with the sesame seeds.

Mix with chopsticks!

Enjoy Tonkatsu!

Me and Matt are actually thinking, how can katsu taste different from the others? It's just breaded pork! The answer lies on the sauce and the quality of meat.


Seafood Katsu Set 1

Served with unlimited Japanese white riceor organic brown rice, miso soup, Japanese pickles, organic cabbage and a bowl of fruit.

Black tiger prawn, Scallop, Cream dory, Oyster and Squid.

Premium Tonkatsu set

It's the same set as above but with Kurobota Pork. It's like the wagyu of pork .

The verdict: thumbs up for the quality of meat, the unli rice and cabbage and the yummy katsu sauce! I would not crave for this all the time though, but it's definitely something you must try.

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