Tuesday, December 10, 2013

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Frozen and Fears

So, I watched Frozen Sunday night with my boy :) I was happy tired from our Pole Stars workshops and I begged, that we watch the last full show of something! I was so happy that we watched Frozen! We barely made it to the movie, but thanks to the super powers of my boyfriend, we made it - with hotdog and popcorn! (I haven't eaten yet after 3 hours of pole).

Thank you for the wonderful treat love, I really needed that.

I saw Frozen's trailer before and it didn't really strike me. I was just "meh"... Disney movies or other cartoons are getting lame or boring these days.

Well, tonight, my heart just went spiral.

One realization I had after watching the movie is that FEAR hinders us from doing what we want. That only an act of TRUE LOVE can make us achieve what we want, even the impossible. This is what the whole story is about. Well, lately, I've been really fearful. I fear that I won't reach my dreams, that I'll be put down and rejected, that I have a whole lot to prove. I FEAR... that I will just die trying.

Sometimes, when you dive into something, you feel like your goals change. I keep on forgetting why I do things. I do things because I LOVE doing them. I don't do it for anyone else. I don't care if people approve of me or not, as long as I get to do the thing I LOVE I am happy.

And for every endeavour I am in right now, all the struggles that I have... I am happy that right now, I don't find myself alone. I have friends, I'm close to family now, and I have my boy making me snap out of my fearful trance. I'm used to being so independent and dealing with things alone, but it's quite nice to actually have people you can rely on.

Right now, I have no regrets. I keep on trying and doing what I can. I keep on living, because life is for the living - and I am not dead (something I got from watching Desperate Housewives).

Right now, I'm happy and content. Not afraid, nor nervous. I'm just happy I'm free to do what I want. :)

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast

After our movie, we finally found this restaurant we've been wanting to locate and try. I used my WAZE powered by Smart LTE to find our way to Kanto Freestyle Breakfast. Finding this place was a bit tricky because of the never-ending road rehabilitation going on Mandaluyong center. That rotonda where the city hall is along Boni Ave.

We're just happy Waze and Smart is super reliable. We were there in no time!

I tried their Pampanga longanisa and it was as expected - good! But more! What made it super awesome is the tomato pesto that came along with it. It cleanses the pallet every time making the food NOT "nakaka-suya".

One thing we also wanted to try were their pancakes. We got the Oreo butter pancake and boy it was delicious!

Drop by this place sometime! I don't have to give the address of this place just Waze it, trust me :)

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    Im also a dreamer, by the way. Don't stop dreaming. It gives more meaning to our lives. :)