Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Keeping Me Busy
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I am very sorry for the mini hiatus my darlings. Lately, real life has been really interesting that I'm doing all I can to savor it! Also, Christmas season means busy season for me. This made me also think about my new blog's direction. It's going to go back to being more in touch with the personal me and blog about the things I love. I will update it next year. For now, allow me to indulge in life.

So many things happen!

I'm really busy with work lately and my work is heavy this Christmas season. I love my job and even if I get to work at weird times during the day, I just work at home. It's a super bonus!

Pole Apprentice
This takes up most of my time too. It's my love for pole that keeps me here. And pole is what keeps me sane when everything else in the world is crazy. Check out our video and get a glimpse of what we do ;)

Vie and Vault Competition

Last year, I joined the first Vie & Vault competition as an amateur. This year, me and my pole partner Nielsen are joining the doubles division ;) It's a whole lot of challenge I'm telling you... but it made me realize that there's a whole lot of unlocked potential still waiting to be unleashed. This challenge keeps on pushing me and I myself am surprised about the things I can accomplish

Holiday season
Reunions, parties, family gatherings, events, etc. Holiday season is busy season for everyone. But, it feels great to celebrate this with the people you love.

As for blogging. My journey here started fresh again. Next year, I'm planning to write more. More things that could help people and not just write about the journey I take.

Thank you for everyone who stayed with me 'til the end. :)

P.S. I got featured on MEG during my birthday month. :)

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