Sunday, November 17, 2013

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It has been an amazing week! Well, not everything went well as planned... I had my wrist sprained 3 days before our Pole competition!

I was trying a new trick. It seemed safe, but I don't know I somewhat landed weird. My wrist was okay, until I woke up and it hurt. I think I slept wrong.

I couldn't do too much wrist stuff, so we crossed out our twisted grip handspring :/ I'm just really happy that's the only trick I couldn't perform, all the others I could, including our doubles tricks which requires me to carry my partner. In some tricks, I could feel my wrist, not too painful, just uncomfortable.

Thank you to all the people who helped us with our routine. 

The Polecats family who were there to see us practice from time to time and gave us feedback and guidance.

Pole Kittens and Tigers who we share studio rentals and this experience with.

Our fellow apprentices who gave us all the support we need.

To our friends who gave us moral support and helped us with our costume.

To pole kittens who also helped us with our concept.

To family who also helped us financially and even helped us with our costumes.

To loved ones who gave us emotional comfort.

To the organizers and sponsors of Vie and Vault.

And to everyone who came to watch.

Thank you!

Here is the product of our sweat and hard work.
The piece that got us the Champion title for Duo category in Vie and Vault competition.


by Eldin Christian Lao of movemnl

Creepy doll
We are dolls... but not the cute one. We are the ones who haunt your childhood. *muhaha* 

This routine made me a whole lot stronger!

My wrist was kind of hurting doing this move, pulling my wrist joing :/

from Myla Tan

yaye we can smile now!

our shocking drop :D

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