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Organic Products from Cutieverse That Won't Disappoint
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The world slowly realizes the importance of natural ingredients. We have learned that artificial things in life may cause cancer and harm to our bodies. People invest more on what they put on their skin and take in their body because after all, our body is one of our biggest assets in life.

I myself am a user of organic cosmetic products. I happen to get my hands on a new line of organic products from Hurraw!, The Merry Hempsters and Marilou Bio.

All these you can order online via

Marilou Bio Moisturizing Body Milk
Php 1100

Nourishes, Moisturizes, Protects and Repairs skin

Even my boyfriend loves this thing! Unlike your regular lotions, this doesn't feel sticky at all. When your skin is too dry and sensitive like mine, this is perfect for you. This product is made with Alo vera, Jojoba and Sunflower plant oils derived from organic farming. This skin hydrant penetrates into your skin instantly and softens it.

Marilou Bio Day Cream
Php 880

Repairs, Protects, Moisturizes and Nourishes skin

This is another product I love to use on my face. It's not sticky, feels really light, but at the same time gives the moisture that I need. It has Aloe vera, Jojoba oil and other natural ingredients derived from organic agriculture. This is best used before application of makeup. 


Hurraw! Grapefruit lip balm
Php 250

Premium organic, vegan and raw ingredients

If your lips aren't too much of a fan of petroleum based lip balms (like me), this would work for you. It kinda feels similar as beeswax, but this one feels lighter and just gives you the right moisture. It is made out of cold-pressed organic oil from the grapefruit peel and infused with wildcrafted alkanet root that gives it a gorgeous light pink color.

Merry Hempsters Cool Hemp Muscle Rub
Php 500

This one is my favorite. After a good workout, I need this to relax my muscles. If you don't want your hands to get all messy using menthol oils, then the stick design of this muscle rub is something you would really love. A base of organic hemp seed oil blended with peppermint, spearmint and wintergreen essential oils along with organic menthol crystals and camphor crystals, achieves a unique analgesic cooling effect. It is traditionally used for reducing pain and inflammation associated with sore muscles and strains as well as congestion.

You can buy all these awesome stuff at!

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