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Flair Gadgets: Pear Training Intelligence Personal Training System
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A lot of people are getting more conscious of their health and fitness today. It's about time for people to realize that being fit adds quality to their life. There are different ways to train. Some people like to enrol in gyms, other do it at home, or take advantage of jogging tracks along the city.

With any other training, you need a guide. To those who shy away from getting a trainer like me, here's a perfect solution for you.

This trainer is personalized and is customized to fit your body type and body's characteristics. This Flair Gadget is called the Pear Training Intelligence Personal Training System. Let's just call it Pear. :)

Unlike any other exercise device, Pear monitors your heart rate and calories burned while guiding you step by step. When you're training to run, it will tell you when to speed up or slow down. Listen to it while it connects to your iPhone via bluetooth. Pear also provides you with useful tips to improve your form and explains the purpose and benefits of the workout that keeps you motivated.

Research shows that athletes get better results when they vary their training. From personal experience, I believe this to be true. It is best if you mix your workout with different types, target points and intensity. This cool device eliminates certain doubts such as "Am I pushing myself enough?" or barriers like not knowing what the numbers on your monitoring system mean. Pear interprets these results for you so you can focus on the workout itself.

Here are the cool features of your Pear device:

  • Adapts to you and your fitness level
  • Includes goal-specific workouts: run a race, lose weight, or get fit
  • Features a wide variety of workouts and training plans developed by world-class coaches
  • Allows you to listen to music from your own iTunes library during your workouts
  • Tracks your workout history, stats, progress, and maps your routes
  • Lets you share your workouts and results with friends over Facebook and Twitter
  • Works with Training-Intelligence app available free from App Store
  • Sweat-resistant Pear Stride earphones prevent cables from falling out of your ear

Since I don't only run to train, I think I can use this when I pole dance as well. It is securely adjustable and can be placed on the upper waist area. So, for the many times I wonder how much work I have done, this tool is a great partner for my fitness regimen.

earphones and bluetooth device 

Waist strap with body sensors

Screenshot of what the app in iPhone5 looks like. Please don't mind the 9% battery level :P

Pear EP Training Intelligence  P4,450.00
Pear EP Stride  P2,250.00

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