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Flair Rituals: Ultimate Diamond Facial at The SKIN

By now, I should have mastered how to take care of my skin already.  It’s as simple as keeping your face clean and moisturizing it.  Doing this could be a little tricky, that’s why sometimes we need professional advice when it comes to skin care.  That and trying to find the products that would suit your skin.

I had a pleasant experience getting pampered at The SKIN at The Spa.  Once a month, it is advised to get your face cleaned.  Cleaned from clogged pores and trapped dirt under your skin.  Think of it as your monthly maintenance.

For my visit at SKIN, they introduced me to Dr. Sheila who assessed what kind of cleaning /treatment I needed. 


Ultimate Diamond Facial

This is one of the famous services that SKIN has that I highly recommend. 

This treatment is set in the luxurious environment of SKIN Dermatology and Laser Center located inside The Spa Wellness at The Fort.  It’s a complete treatment that combines the benefits of the Signature SKIN Facial and Diamond Peel in one facial.  What I liked about this service is they pamper you first with a facial massage that’s sure to relax you instantly. 


The first step to skin-rejuvenation starts with the application of cleanser to remove dirt and make-up, then the toner to remove residue left by the cleanser.


My therapist, Maricel, applied scrub to exfoliate the skin.

Then, the she applied an enzyme peel to remove dead skin and left for 10 mins.

After that, my face got exposed to steam for 5-7 minutes to open pores.


After 7 minutes she then proceeded to the the safe, non-invasive skin procedure Diamond Peel. 

It deeply polishes the skin using genuine laser-cut diamond tip applicators to remove dead skin cells and promote growth of healthy new cells.  This would result to a smoother, more radiant and flawless complexion.


What I like about this service is that the cleaning and extracting of white and black heads is done by a certified dermatologist.  Doc Sheila complimented my skin.  She said it was healthy and nice and that I just need to maintain it. 

The last process (almost) is when they wrap you with a Mask that depends on your skin type’s needs.  They use Casmara mask for sensitive skin because my skin reacts easily to chemicals.  It was one of the most relaxing facials I’ve ever had.


I said “almost” done, because after everything, the therapist gave my shoulders a quick massage and neck stretches. 

Overall, it was one of the most relaxing facial cleaning I have ever experienced!  That’s why I’m also sharing this experience with you.


Blog Contest!

Sharing is caring!  SKIN Dermatology & Laser Center would like to give one lucky reader the very same luxurious Ultimate Diamond Facial that I got!  Just simply answer in the comment section below this question:


The Ultimate Diamond Facial keeps or skin youthful looking and glowing.  Tell me now, how do you keep a youthful glow on a daily basis?


I am going to select the best answer and announce the winner by September 1, 2013 (Sunday) at around 10 pm.


Good luck!


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(+632) 403 8000


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  1. To have that youthful glow, after cleansing, I always put a soft night cream to moisturize my face. Sometimes, I use a peeling mask to get rid of skin blemishes :)

  2. I wash my face as often as I can. I drink lots of water and eat healthy foods. More importantly, I always stay positive, happy and stress-free. =D

  3. I cleanse my face, use toner, and moisturize 2x a day. I also exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week. Plus I drink lots of water everyday and try to get in the steam room at least 1x a week.

  4. Hi Hannah!

    As I aged (my age still in the calendar), maintaining my skin into its youthful glow has always been a challenge, given my working environment (into building construction and operations for the past 7 years). But I always keep the 4 basic steps of skin care by heart: Cleanse - Exfoliate - Tone - Moisturize Regimen
    I'm currently using the following:
    Cleanser - Too cool for School's Morocco Ghassoul foam cleanser (korean brand, very light refreshing smell and great after-feel in my face)
    Exfoliate (1 to 2x a week depends on exposure to dust due to construction site) - St. Ive's Apricot Scrub (Been using this product since college, known this product as my mom is a regular user way back when I was still in secondary school. haha!)
    Toner - Face Shop Olive Essential Toner (Korean Products really works for Asian Skin like me)
    Moisturize - Daytime: Oil of Olay Total Skin Aging with SPF 15; Nighttime: Oil of Olay Night Cream (Started using this products 2 years ago, on my late 20's era)

    TIP: It's very important that you also need to consider anti aging products as you get 'older'. With right food intake, exercise and adequate rest, one will able to maintain a good looking skin despite the age. :)

  5. how do you keep a youthful glow on a daily basis?

    A youthful glow does not come to you in a single pouch, on top of the usual keeping your skin regularly washed and cleaned, I believe that ones youthful glow would come from his attitude and perception in life. If one is able to embrace the beauty of life, feel the happiness and love from family and friends and cope up with daily challenges one is faced to - then achieving a youthful glow would never be a problem.

    Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales

  6. As much as possible I try to sleep at least 7 hrs a day- it really lessens my undereye circles and my face is not sallow looking.
    I apply a moisturizing serum every night and a sleeping mask twice a week.

    Jamee Uy

  7. I religiously follow my skin care regimen and as much as possible I take 8 hours of sleep! Let's face it, our skin is not as glowing as some other days so make-up will do the trick! Put on a little blush and that will make our face that youthful glow! Don't forget to have a positive vibes everyday cause that happiness will bring out a GLOW in yourself! :)

    Katrine Lao

  8. I keep a youthful glow on a daily basis by washing my face with facial wash that recommended for my sensitive skin. I moisturize it by an anti-aging serum before heading to work and night cream before I hit the bed. I also make sure to apply sun block when I go out and most especially when I use the computer/laptop. An enough sleep, lots of water, vegetables and fruits completes my youthful glow regimen. :)

  9. Well, I always believe that everyone has that youthful glow it just differs on how we improve or maintain it. For me, I always make sure that I eat lots of foods that is rich in Vitamins A, E, C & B Complex. Every time I go outside, I'll make sure I've put sunscreen to protect me from UV Rays. Applying lotion to soften my skin. Cleansing my face every morning and at night to remove the dirt and exfoliate my face. Moisturizing my face with cream. I also use eye cream to reduce the dark circles under my eyes due to late sleeping habits. And last but not the least, I always wear my invisible crown. Being confident on myself and having a positive outlook in life makes have 100% youthful glow. Smile and enjoy life! :)

    Iris Castillo

    1. Hi Iris,

      Congratulations! You have won an Ultimate Diamond Facial from SKIN at The Spa! You know how it is to be young and beautiful inside and out! Keep on wearing that invisible crown! I will email you for details. Please stay tuned!