Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pokemon XY in 3D on October 12 2013
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Journey around the Kalos region, in 3D! I'v heard this news for quite a bit now, thanks for my poke-addict boyfriend who told me about this! I am looking forward to the following things:
  • 3D graphics.  although I get dizzy when its 3D, I hope I can play without that option.
  • Cute starter pokemons!  Although I always get water, this time I might get fire...

Fire: Fennekin

Water: Froakie

Grass: Chespin

  • Legendary Pokemons

Legendary Pokemons Xerneas and Yveital

  • Did I say, I'm looking forward to the much enhanced graphics yet?

I should look for Lass Hannah or Beauty Hannah or Jr Trainer Hannah or something :P

  • The characters look cute and well - they are not 2 dimensional :P

I wish you could dress up the trainer...

  • That Pokemon that looks like MewTwo... or that Aliens movie

  • Launch date is on October 12th!!! It's so near my birthday!
Currently, me and my boyfriend are nerding out working on our Pokemon Black and White to collect as many Pokemons as we can so we have a lot of them in our National Pokedex ^_^ Anyway, happy playing people~   Pokemon XY release date, Pokemon XY 3D, Pokemon 3D, Nintendo 3DS
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