Thursday, July 4, 2013

How to make the fashionably correct selection for Mirrors
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Decorating the walls of the house with mirrors is a trendy and chic idea and let's face it, if you’re one of those fashionable people with style who is always in the shop to check what state your hair is in and always try to keep up with trends and modernity then welcome to the club! There is a wide range of ideas for a house suitable for a stylish woman. Yes, because the mirrors are perfect for giving a bright touch to the house and for giving an illusion of greater magnitude in a room. But many times the Stylish Mirror Selection can be difficult.

Mirrors are also good tools to make good selfies :P

Large mirrors are ideal for the living room. Mirrors with fun shapes are ideal for the bedrooms of children and there are also colorful and vintage framed mirrors for the more fashion addicted most demanding people! In fact there are mirrors for all tastes.

flair mirrors

Square or curvy? If you cannot choose there is a way to help you. Vanity combines a rectangular shaped and curved profile which gives it an attractive design and creates a small storage area in a nice and pleasant game of three dimensions. The idea of ​​a framed mirror can mislead and remind of old mirrors from the austere grandmothers. In fact the frame is just one more chance for designers! They can use not only shapes and forms to compose original frames, but also materials and refined whimsical prints.

style mirror 1

So the key is to play it the smart way! Arrange them in front of a window or a wall full of imaginative pictures, funny pictures or lush plants. This way the space for two will multiply in a pleasant and unexpected way and you can see what you like! But do not overdo it! It is not like you can put mirrors all over your walls like a house of mirrors. This could create a feeling that will be opposite to that you are looking for.
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