Tuesday, August 17, 2010

10 Bright Young Manila - Chalk Magazine

It’s the middle of the month of August and these are the magazines you need to check out before the month ends!

Chalk’s 10th Anniversary Issue


Every year, they pick a select few for the Bright Young Manila.  They only got 10 this year because they are celebrating the number 10!  Yours truly, Flair Candy, is one of the 10 Bright Young Manila.  Archie Tolentino did my make-up.  He is the chief make-up artist of Maybelline.  It was a great experience as I chatted a little bit with a few of them like Dae and Kyrjia.  I also happen to meet Tricia Gosingtian, photographer/model/fashionista and many more.



Thanks to DJ Vince for the feature :)

OK! Magazine

Check out the latest celebrity breeds… I mean, check out celebrity babies featured on this month’s issue of OK! Magazine.  We’ve witnessed a lot of child stars going the wrong direction, getting back from their own falls, and some just never made it.  I wonder, what happened to that home alone kid?  Anyway, the question is: How will this generation of celebrity kids turn out to be?

As for now, Suri is my favorite Celebrity baby and I love looking at her pictures.


Speaking of child stars, say “Hello” to the abs of Zac Efron.  This High School musical kid is turning into a man… Why must they grow up so quick?  oh, his photos inside are a must-see!

Are you also a fan of Lost?  I just started watching this series because I ran out of Fringe episodes to watch.  I am just on the 16th episode of the first season and I didn’t read their interviews because some suggested spoilerzzz… anyway, if you’re a Lost fanatic, you might want to read their interviews.



In this issue, Cosmopolitan magazine gives you the best of the best in beauty as it presents this year’s Cosmo Beauty Awards!  The staff of Cosmo scoured the shelves and tried and tested the products in the market to come up with this year’s list of over 90 winners ranging from classic products to new innovations.

I also joined the contest they conducted where you can get the chance to win all the beauty loot valued at P110,811.45 (as you see in the cover).  You would need to grab a copy though because the codes are inside the mags.

I also love who they picked as cover girl for this month’s issue.  Maricar is both beauty and brains.  She faced lots of challenges being a celebrity but it didn’t pull her down.  Instead, she rose above and proved to the world that everything is just going to be alright.

All these magazines are available in newsstands, bookstores and supermarkets
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