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FlairCandy Blog Won Best Personal Blog
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I posted this earlier, because I was not sure if we were allowed to word out the winners… I received an e-mail from Janette Torral last Monday, November 9, stating that I won the “Best Personal Blog” in the Digital Filipino Web Awards.  I had to read the email at least five times just to make sure that I read it right! Digital Filipino Web Awards 2009 11 Digital Filipino Web Awards 2009 13 I was happy to present five slides, prior to my awarding, about the best blogging practices for personal blogging.  My presentation did not take long (2 minutes) because my general message is that in personal blogging, you just need to be yourself.  You are your own niche!  People read your personal blog because your audience can relate to you.  Maintain your personal brand.

Patay Gutom wins Best Food Website

Just in case you don’t know, I am a Patay Gutom (english translation: dead hungry people).  Yes!  That means, I am always hungry… I love food… and I’d be dead if you don’t give me food!  Food has been our passion and we have a url specifically for this WE WON! WE WON! Digital Filipino Web Awards 2009 26 Mica was supposed to get the award for this but she was late >.<  Jehz was also nowhere in sight at this time, so I had to get the award for the team…  The first question they asked me when I got the stage was “What does Patay Gutom mean?”  so I had to answer the question and explain it the Patay Gutom way.

My Brute Cheats!

Remember this plurk of mine? mybrute plurk This was actually the first time I introduced My Brute to the plurkiverse :)  Click on the picture to view the comments :P  Jehz and Fitz are genius and came to life!  You have to check their site out because the whole layout and everything and the content of the cheat site is amazing!  That’s why they super deserve to win the “Best Gaming Website” award! Anyway, back to my first question… Dare to challenge the candy? Fight my brute! :P


Digital Filipino Web Awards 2009 36 Congratulations to all winners and to my fellow nominees!  Congratulations again to Miss Janette Toral for a successful E-commerce summit!

Thank you!

to Jehzeel Laurente for letting me grab the pictures to Alvin a.k.a. cheftonio for taking pictures of me when I was presenting, to Dhina Lieva for nominating me.  Without this nomination, I never would have won in the first place :) BIG HUGS and THANK YOU :D and lastly, to the sponsors of Digital Filipino E-Commerce Summit and Web Awards: Digital Filipino Web Awards 2009 08

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This award definitely inspired me to share more and do better on my blog :D Thank you!
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