Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Today's Firsts!
FC11:54 PM 2 sweets for free!

I had many firsts today!

1. It's the first time I got scolded on my email!

2. It's the first time I had a hate comment on my main blog! View here.

3. It's the first time I ate Sky Flakes Fit! and I love it!!!

4. It's the first time I have 16 viewers in my blog at once!

5. It's the first time someone from the Maldives (the 2nd country I would absolutely want to visit, if only I can!) visited my site! I mean like Maldives is like a place full of islands and I am surprised to know they have internet there? XD and they landed on my site! horay!

6. It's the first time I dreamt of a really sexy dream!
What is it about? I'm not sharing! It's a secret! :P


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