Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Best of Me an my Asian Flush
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Spent the weekend at la luz batangas!

It was a nice trip but I got drunk at night because I drank my strawberry vodka at a fast pace and this really got the worst out of my alcohol intollerance... Unlike alcohol allergy, I can't be immune to alcohol... Intollerance to it means I lack the enzyme to convert the alcohol into something non-toxic to the body like vinegar...

So, in my case, my body had to let it out in a very bad way.

1. Through my pores - which makes my skin really red and bloated like a balloon.
2. I pee a lot so that it directly goes out of my system.
3. I had to vomit to let it out fast…

The third option is usually the fast-relief way and I did that with me fully conscious and aware how to take care of myself when drunk… While other people see it as a messy maneuver…

Anyway… that’s me and my asian flush…

No matter how many I drink successively, I would never be immune to it… Unless I would have that enzyme you lucky people have… CIAOZ!!!
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