Friday, January 9, 2009

The Clique movie

I was buying DVDs when something attracted me... I used to be a fan-girl and I loved chick flicks and teeny-bopper films... Right now, I'm aged at 23 and it doesn't change that!! :P **wink** **wink**


Brings me back to my grade school days… and High School days even... This movie is all about "ACCEPTANCE"... If you have watched "Mean Girls" then this is an equivalent of it but a much more younger crowd like 12-ish-yr-olds...

Why did I watch this? I love movies with simple story lines... **ok I'll cut the crap and just be honest**

LOL I love their FASHION!!! and the interior of their houses... :D

So nice! I have an eye for eye-candy things... After all, I'm the flair one!

To those who are clueless to some girl linggos found in the movie well here's a little tip for you...

The Clique Dictionary:

If you don’t like a girl she’s an LBR

LBR – Loser Beyond Repair

GLU – Girl Like Us

D2M – Dead to me (like oh you don’t exist)

Well, well... TAFN!

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