Monday, January 12, 2009

My New Addiction for Coffee (as alternative for smoking)

YES... Smoking!!! yah-heeerrrd??!?! Shocked, aren't yah?
Well here's my story...

I have a new addiction...

Now, I am not a coffee person.. but lately things are pretty hectic here at work and all... Plus, when I experienced depression late last year, I dared to try the things I hate... ruining myself you ask? not to that level but I was just looking for a certain kind of distraction...

When I was depressed during the months of October and November, I attended this perfect event to give me an excuse to try smoking...

I am not saying I am super hooked to smoking already right now... In fact, I don't think I am addicted to it... But something about it calms me... makes me think... makes me pause in my busy world for a while... and just either think blankly... rest my mind... or some wierd force of some sort enter my calm brain all of a sudden that give me ideas i need...

So there... smoking... the one thing I hated the most in earth... entered my life...

There are times at the office where I need to make some creative design of some financials of some sort... Oftentimes I go blank... It's just like being a painter, where you need to have an inspiration or an "AHA!" moment where you could produce something out of the ordinary! Also, just like a writer who needs some inspiration or something that would trigger him/her to write smoothely with overflowing ideas!

In my work, sometimes i need an "AHA!" moment... so when I already started smoking... I felt the need to go down and get some clarity in my mind for it... But then... all of my officemates (and friends) are scandalized by the fact that I smoke now... uh-oh I am just reminded of my family that is clueless that I smoke too...

But it is only now that I understand the feeling of a smoker... I'm not saying that it is good... SMOKING IS STILL BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH! so do all means to avoid or quit! Or if you think you can't.. diet a bit... and tone done on those nicotine!!! I'm just saying that I know the feeling now.. and I understand how one could be addicted and how it wouldn't be easy to let go of it... But just like anything... you can get rid of this dependency with passion, dedication and will!!! Easy for me to say? Yes it is... :P but I've heard success stories in quitting so... just find that inspiration :P ok? :D

So in time I want to go down to get some "yosi" time... I can't because I can't smoke peacefuly down in our building without getting some wierd reactions from people...

then my ultimate alternative is....

Jeng, Jeng, Jeng! COFFEE!!!

Dose of caffeine

The one freshly brewed in our pantry made from our high tech coffee maker!

Sip, sip, sip... coffe in my workstation... all the time then I'm off to go!

Although too much of something is bad enough... so just drink moderately :p before you heart beats so fast that the next time you see just someone of the opposite sex you'd think you're in love... :P

So be careful... :P

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  1. so coffee is a possible substance to help ppl quit smoking eh...hahahaa

  2. hinay hinay lng hehe..^^..nice blog

  3. @Genova - in my case yes :)

    @kelvin - haha IKR. thanks!

  4. try beer, maybe u'll hooked to it too...haha