Saturday, November 15, 2008

Elation at Grand Terrace
Unknown6:55 PM 7 sweets for free!

Tres Marias

I was so happy when I knew there’s this new place-to-be near my home in QC!  I was so thrilled when I stepped out of my car and realized that party people filled all over the place!  One thing though, they were all like high school / college people and me being there got me saying “uh-oh wrong crowd?”

looks like prom

Anyway, as I stepped into the entrance I saw these two towers of pink and white balloons and it looked like some prom event was going on… so, I had to look twice at the event poster shown at the side!  Yep, I'm at the right place!

“Elation” well then I was there for the chocolate and shooters buffet and yummeh! for only PHP 250, I enjoyed this fondue buffet and it was my second time to try a white chocolate fondue!  Of course I loved the fondue in Max Brenner which is also at about 250+ PHP (without drinks yet).  So coming to this fondue buffet was worth it!  My favourite was pineapple in white chocolate!   Delicious, and for some reason it sums up my mood for that night… Sweet… and Sour at the same time… The sourness made my body tingle a bit.  Bringing my attention to reality and reviving the numb senses I had for the past few days.

The shooters were awesome!  for a complete list of the drinks go here.  My favourite was Melon Madness ! again, it tasted sweet but bland… sort of creamy… with a small percentage of alcohol… I think it described the kind of state I want to be… Just simple as the taste… Innocent as the creaminess of it… But keeping in touch with my youthfulness and being outgoing with that small shot of vodka in it!

…and I didn’t care if the dance floor was populated by “youngsters”.   I just pretended to be one... I just missed the dance floor… never forgetting who I am and how I just love to dance :D

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Anton Hannah and Tiffy

Hannah and Anton

You - crank that soulja bhoi

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  1. hehe! sayang i couldn't stay THAT LONG...was there 8:30 na.. and yeah. hayskul! :))
    had class early the next day kasi, but yeah, it was great :)

  2. sure sure dear :D jz grab it on my flickr :)

  3. onga eh... bigla ka nalang nawala... It was great still, the shooters and the fondue :)

  4. ang saya ng event na to.. nyok nyok.. haha :P