Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lost In the Sling City - Singapore
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Ok, Singapore is a totally different experience aside from Formula One so I’m totally making a different post about it.  This trip was very special since this trip was my first trip out of my motherland country Philippines!  So yes, out of my own juice of hard work, I arrived at the Sling city.

Singapore by my Naked Eye

08 Sep 27 Singapore Day 1 (34)

They drive on the left side of the road! (Well, this is a surprise to me) and shifting gears using my left hand???

my chinese name in Colour

They speak Chinese, Indian, Malay and English… all in all, they speak Sing-lish!

3.  Their escalators on MRT stations run very fast (I almost lose my balance all the time).

4.  People walk on the left side of the walkway along malls too.

5.  Upon riding escalators, people who are not in a hurry stay left, and those on the rush pass by the right side.

6.  Once a day, I saw a couple making out (lips to lips) PDA etc :P  Lip locking is kinda common there I guess (correct me if I’m wrong Singaporeans :D

7.  We walk on the streets of Singapore by midnight and we felt no fear.  We felt secure and at ease.

8.  The streets are clean and there’s no traffic.

9.  No chewing of gums nor spitting on the roads in Singapore, It’s a Law!

10.  Their buses really drive inside yellow lanes.

11.  Riding bikes is a common thing especially in the residential area.


EZ Link was our saviour!

This card (which can be bought in any MRT station) is just an angel.  It gives commuters the convenience of going around the city.  You can use this handy card for MRT passes, in buses, SMRT busses, some cabs and even on McDonalds!







Marina Bay

Esplanade Mall

Suntec City

City Link



Where we didn’t go but wish to go if had time:

China Town

Little India

Joo Chiat


River cruisade





Night Safari


The Clinic
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