Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Back to the Basics

Right now, I am just multitasking as our data server is down... I am missing our office Gossip Girl whoever she may be... She already deleted her acount for the fear of being exposed and well she might suffer rather very consequential certainties.

In the meantime... I just want to go back to the basics now...

I'd rather want a simple and uncomplicated life now...

The life I usually want is a more adventurous, more outgoing and loud kind of lifestyle... Right now, I just want peace... That I have been wanted so bad... I have tasted all action, now though still young, I'm getting quite stressed. Ask my dermatologist about it, I even consult her for my dandruff that's getting worse because of stress already.

I just want to discretely get rich and travel the world with *ehermz*...

So as of now, a simpler life means a lot of savings... :D and that's what I think I need for now :D

Blogging has already been a part of my life so I choose to keep it, but I'd just lay low for a while...

Learning to love my life,

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