Friday, September 12, 2008

Wii Night at Frii Spirit
Unknown6:15 PM 4 sweets for free!

The night was totally fantastic! It was my first night ever to have had my hands on a guitar hero and dang! I felt like I've been playing a guitar since forever. Also, we played the Mario Kart game and we were wobbling the wii control from right to left and it was just as crazy as it could get as we scream as we bump into corners or stumble upon those annoying bananas or falling off the bridges.

I would want to host my party here (omg it's coming soon!) Or, I would want to convince my team mates to have fostering here :) Now, ain't this a nice place to just hang out and go away from your stressed corporate life?

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  1. Wah.. gusto ko bumalik dito at mag guitar hero ulit :D :D :D

  2. We're having our anniv party this May 23rd. Since you had so much fun last time, I hope you attend this one.

  3. Great review! I had a blast here as well. hassle lang ung 500 membership fee! I like blueskies better.

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