Monday, September 15, 2008

Why Nuffnang?
Unknown6:05 PM 28 sweets for free!

There are many cool stuff nuffnang can do to a blogger’s blogxistence! Most of these I have personally witnessed and envied from my friends in Malaysia! Now that Nuffnang is here! This is my chance… my time… my turn…


How I knew about Nuffnang??? It's these people who introduced it to me...  My Malaysian friends through ShoutOutLounge! =)



Here are some of the blog entries they made about their Nuffnang experience:

Nuffnang really know how to make people happy by Mac_Bone

First Nuffnang Cheque by Danielctw

Meanwhile I am the outgoing Nuffie who likes to go to events and participate in many contests! Here are some events hosted in Malaysia and I would, if I could, want to be a volunteer if there are events also for the blog community.

Clickon the image above to be directed to Nuffnang's blog about the Pajama Party!  That was a very nice prestigious and most-awaited event for them and *wooot* how would you want to have these events too eh???  Them being hosted in a gnarly hotel and lots fo prizes :) ok now I'm blabbing again... eh, that's what I do when I'm excited.



Another thing I like about is the analytics gosh I just like to many stuff eh? The Analytics thing is really helpful. I mean there are other webtools but having to see Nuffnang's in a cool groovy and sassy layout is just a plus for me... :P


See I'm a new blogger (4 months only) and I'm shy shy to show to y'all my analytics board but I don't know what happened during that 2am on that specific day but my views spiked like crazy =.=...  With this tool you could also view the keywords that drove traffic to your blog... the referrals and Country where they came from =)  My traffic mostly comes from here, Malaysia and US =)


Also, there's this new feature that could let you see Nuffnangers who viewed your page ehehe.. It's like mybloglog... =)


ehehe, now sorry If you see your faces here =.=" 


Cool right... now the question is... How to sign up??


Signing up is just as easy as 1, 2, step…everybody… 1, 2, step… sign up with Nuffnang PH at and get it on!

See my Nuffnang page is so cute and sassy =)

So, what are you waiting for… add some spice to your blog! Add Nuffnang that could convert your traffic into cash! Or add Nuffnang to increase your traffic! It is indeed a blogging social community after all, so make friends with fellow nuffies, bloggers and surely enjoy this truly new blogxperience!!!

Hold on, I just sounded like I’m advertising for an advertising company! Ho, Ho, Ho! But seriously I’m just so psyched for Nuffnang to be here and I just would like to share what I know about Nuffnang to all pinoy bloggers.

I wonder when could I meet the shouters in Malaysia though, probably sometime in the future also Ciao!!!

Nuffie Candy
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  1. haha nice entry!!! may award ka na talaga!!! haha i saw my face in your nuffnang log! hahaha

    don't forget to email your link sa gmail ok? :)

  2. cool! I'm in your recent viewers :D ok na blog mo sa IE6? :D

  3. @Roanna Yaeye! I already did :)

    @Jehzlau yuff :P My blog's cool now.. though I'm tryin to tweak it I cant still seem to get it right... lol but it's cool i'm learning :bannana dance:

  4. magkapareho tayo ng analytics 4, 2, 1, 3, 5, 1...

    parang do re mi na walang fa so la ti do... hehe

    .. apir!

  5. @I Am Downloader

    haha whoah I see.. pero grabe that 42 views.. dang... gotta wonder where that came from @_@

  6. baka may biglang nagsabi "ang ganda ni flair candy check her blog!" tapos ayun! may 42 na curious lurkers.. hehehe :D

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  8. hey ms. flaircandy! congrats! we won the 68 bloggers! and have a nice day!

    you look great though!

    God Bless!

  9. Hey Nuffnanger! Congrats! We won the magic 68!

  10. hey LJ diaz thanks! Congratulations to you too! CHeers buddy :D

  11. hey ther miss earhlinggorgeous thank you and congratulations to you as well! Cheers :D

  12. Hi, congrats for winning as one of the 68 chosen bloggers. :)

  13. congrats for being one of the 68 nuffnang winners:)

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