Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shout Potato
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While I was waiting for my turn for my dermatologist check up, I grabbed a copy of the Philippine Star's Sunday issue. Then I learned a new word...

Mouse Potato - I forgot its definition as defined by the journalist and even her name but I really have a poor memory with these things. But this is how defined it:


A mouse potato is the computer equivalent of television's couch potato : someone who tends to spend a great deal of leisure time in front of the computer in much the same way the couch potato does in front of the television. Both activities tend to be accompanied by snacking.

Now let's put Shout potato in the urban dictionary...
Shout Potato as defined by me (unofficial definition):

(1) A person who spends much time at on their blogs shouting at fellow shouters through ShoutOut Lounge
(2) A person lurking in their blogs with ShoutOut widget installed either shouting or luking

Hehe, so what do you think...
are you one of us...? mrgreen
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  1. LOL I'm not a Shout Potato, ask Lasker, I'm a SpicySpy. LOL

  2. Whoah .. new word! Add it into the dictionary :whee:

  3. Ceddy hihi nice nice alias there :P

    Lasker, walala haha yep yep

  4. I love potatoes! :whee: they're yummy! :P

  5. shout potato ? hahahaha that term seem to suit me well, LOL



  6. William: LOLz potato chips is good while being a shout potato lolz!!!

    Satkuru: Aiks! lolz.. you caught my ball there lol :P

  7. ShoutPotato...I guess I don't fit perfectly, I shout alot but no snacks lol...

  8. anna, you always shouting while drinking milo summore you are certified one lol =) ey never a bad thing *hugs anna* aw thanks for droppin by =)

  9. Elise =) waahh so cute thanks :)