Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Down With the Sickness
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Tonight's mood: I feel like singing "Down with the sickness" by disturbed... Tonight I need to open my private blog. I need to write something now. Dear readers, sorry your blog ambassadress is technically down as of the moment.

She must regain strength by sleeping, find inspiration by say hmm... sleeping again (in the hopes of dreaming inspiration), avoid confusion by meditating and yoga (which I do every morning so I should sleep also)... and she must listen to music (particularly reggae) to once again manipulate her mood. Or she might opt to listen to heavy metal rock music (down with the sickness) for say 15 minutes to let all anger out then afterwards listen to feel good music reggae. Yes people, If you do feel depressed or super duper emo sometimes you can manipulate your mood by using my technique.

Your blog ambassadress is not perfect you know... not a doll, not a movie character protagonist, not a princess from a fairytale, not legally blonde nor does she live in Pleasantville. She's simply a human being too, with feelings, with highs, with certain physical and emotional limitations (but her mental aspect's at haywire)and also with imperfections that I transparently communicate to my readers.

When rain pours and storms approaching... always remember that there's something to look forward to -- the rainbow.

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