Saturday, May 3, 2008

Rock Convert - Changing from my Hip-hop ways
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Who says it's all about religion? Today my soul-searching has stopped. I finally found love in Rock! And when I like something... I'll be totally obsessed about it. I posted hours ago a play list of the UK band "The Filthy Youth" and I failed to explain what made them special to me...

First of all, they're all original - from the lyrics to guitar chords and tabs up to the drumbeats and the arrangement of the song it's something I've never heard of before.

Second reason, who could separate me from Ed Westwick - the sweetest bad boy image ever. In case you don't recognize him by his true name, he plays "Chuck Bass" in the hit TV series Gossip Girl. If you read the books though he's just like an extra "bi" character. But I'm talking about television here so what the heck.

Third reason is where? They come from UK and have hot British accents. Uh-oh fetish revealed! - enough said.

Fourth, I love reggae & ska and these gents gave a little juice of these elements into their music.

Fifth - the mysterious lyrics. Yeah I know... I'm still trying to hear well and decipher the deep meaning of it all. Lyrics are written by Ed. He shares that "Orange" is a song of being with your friends. "Ripping it up" and "Come Flash All You Ladies" are about certain women he met throughout his life.

Lastly, It's just the melody that keeps my endorphins up to the highest level. It just makes me wanna tap my feet, nod my head, close my eyes and just feel good about life.

Band Members:

Ed (The Chuck Bass you all know)





Le Soleil has been played on GG already on it's 12th episode.

All songs written and performed by The Filthy Youth ?

Lyrics by Ed Westwick

Guitars and Music by Benjamin Lewis Allingham & Jimmy Wright

Bass by Tom Bastiani

Drums by John Vooght...

The Filthy Youth

pictures from filthy youth myspace.
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  1. Do you happen to know the lyrics of Le Soleil???

  2. Hi! Sorry I just read this... hrms.. let me look that up for you :) I love that song!

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