Monday, September 29, 2014

Tips on Cleaning Teeth
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Just like every part of our body, our teeth can get dirty too. From eating too much sweets and drinking carbonated drinks to keeping bacteria-friendly toothbrushes, there are many causes for dirty teeth. However, cleaning your teeth can be just as easy as one-two-three. Floss first to remove bigger debris in between the teeth. Second, brush your teeth at least twice daily for two minutes each time. Third, don’t forget your tongue and brush this area clean too.

And to beef up your daily regimen even more, here are three teeth-cleaning partners to help maintain your pearly whites. First is a 12-hour anti-bacterial protection toothpaste to boost your teeth’s defense. Second is the right toothbrush that suits your cleaning needs. And of course, don’t forget to visit your dentist every six months for professional cleaning.

Remember, it’s easy to get our teeth dirty, but with a little effort, having clean teeth will become even easier.

Friday, September 26, 2014

How to Register for Free Internet for Smart, Talk n Text and SunPrepaid Subscribers
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This is BIG newd for the Philippines! 

The intention is for prepaid non-internet users to experience mobile internet and get into the habit.

What users can do
- read news
- access music
- wikipedia for students
- send and receive emails
- browse favorite blogs (ehem)
- book flights
- stream music through spinnr
- post on social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
- shop online
- and many more

Smart assures users that they have the capacity to offer this service.

To avail of the free mobile internet offer, Smart, Talk n Text and Sun Cellular subscribers must have an available airtime balance of at least one peso, or is subscribed to any load bucket or promo. Users must register each day by simply sending "FREE" to the number "9999". Registration is free. You will receive an SMS confirmation upon successful registration.

Once registered, subscribers can enjoy free data volume package of up to 30mb per day.

This is available for everyone and not intended for video streaming and downloads, messaging, VOIP and peer-to-peer uploads and downloads. Using this will incur regular charge. Because the intention is to make it available for everyone.

The promo will run until November 30, 2014.

Want to know more, go to this link for more details:

Monday, September 22, 2014

Daylong Feel-good Sun Protection
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Because real sun protection should be daily, deep, complete.

I've known long before that we do not just need sun protection when we go to the beach, we also need to be protected during our day-to-day activities, whether it be during commute, walking along the park, or just simply taking a stroll around your neighborhood.

The most prevalent form of skin damage is caused by daily exposure to solar radiation, which permeates the skin all the way down to the cells and DNA. Daily sun damage goes beyond the usual sunburn and inflammation we see on the top layer of our skin. It triggers molecular responses that cause cell damage, skin aging, and DNA lesions that result in skin cancer.

From the makers of Cetaphil, comes a new product that will just protect our skin from harmful solar rays. Daylong takes a scientific approach in evaluating the efficacy of sun protection when it comes to determining the effects of sun damage deep into the cellular level. Its protection likewise goes deep, right down to your skin’s cells and DNA, and with coverage protecting you from different kinds of radiation – UVA, UVB and Infrared. It is also clinically proven to help protect against cell death and damage, DNA damage, cellular aging, and skin and tissue aging.

Daylong takes its responsibility for extensive skin protection and sun damage prevention seriously. It is committed to providing sun care that is easy to wear everyday – no stickiness, no shine, and without the heavy feeling – to encourage daily use. It advocates a conscious habit of caring for your skin daily, whether the sun is out or not. Because you only have one skin, it’s time you invest in it. It’s time for sunscreen protection that is daily, deep, and complete.

Daylong sunscreen products are available in Watson’s and SM Department Store branches with Watson’s starting September 2014, and in Mercury Drug branches starting October 2014. For more information, visit, LIKE DaylongPH on Facebook and follow @DaylongPH on Twitter and Instagram.

From the makers of Cetaphil, Daylong sunscreen products are specially developed for sun-sensitive skin protection, with nurturing ingredients for long-lasting care. The Daylong sun care range is the result of extensive dermatological research at both skin and cellular level that lead to superior formulations for different skin needs.

Daylong Gel SPF 50+

Sun care seekers will surely enjoy Daylong Gel with SPF 50+. An oil-free sunscreen made for extremely sun-sensitive or oily skin, it is perfect for daily use. Free of any emulsifiers, the uniquely light texture is quick-absorbing, and easy to apply with a great skin feel. It nurtures and regenerates with Vitamin E, suitable for both face and body. Daylong Gel SPF 50+ is non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, free from fragrance and parabens, and dermatologically tested.

Daylong Spray Lotion SPF 30

You no longer have to worry about sun damage. Daylong Spray Lotion SPF 30 is a unique liposomal lotion in a spray format for ease of application, and delivers a light texture with great skin feel. Made for sun-sensitive skin with high protection against UV, UVB and Infrared, uneven sun protection will no longer be a problem. It also provides nourishing and regenerating care with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Daylong Spray Lotion SPF 30 is non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, free from parabens and fragrance, and dermatologically tested.

Daylong Kids Lotion SPF 50+

Give your child the best daily protection under the sun with Daylong Kids Lotion SPF 50+. A liposomal sunscreen lotion with very high sun protection factor and photostable UV filters, it offers effective protection from UVA, UVB and Infrared rays that makes it perfect for children. Moms will love its exact dispenser and dosage table that makes application easier. Formulated specially for kids with sensitive skin, it is well-tolerated and dermatologically tested even on atopic dermatitis condition. Daylong Kids Lotion SPF 50+ contains dexpanthenol and vitamin E to moisturize kids’ delicate skin, while being hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and free from parabens and fragrance.

Daylong Kids Cream SPF 30

Even babies need sun protection, more so because of their undeveloped skin barrier. For 6 to 12 month old babies, Daylong Kids Cream SPF 30 gives protection that is specifically designed for their sensitive skin. It is composed of physical filters that provide natural but effective protection while at the same time moisturizing with glycerin. Daylong Kids Cream SPF 30 is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, free from parabens and fragrance, and dermatologically tested. 

Daylong After Sun Repair

A long day will be capped off perfectly by Daylong After Sun Repair. Actively supporting skin’s own repair system after a day under the sun, it is a liposomal after sun lotion with encapsulated DNA repair enzyme that actively supports the repair mechanism of the skin. It also moisturizes sun-stressed skin with glycerin, dexpanthenol and Vitamin E. Daylong After Sun Repair is quickly absorbed and free from parabens.

The Real Cause of Cavities
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Our teeth is one of those things that once gone, cannot be replaced. True, there are artificial/cosmetic solutions but it's not the same. That's why we need to make a constant effort to protect it.

The question remains, what is the real cause of cavities?

Despite continuing education on the importance of good oral care habits to prevent tooth decay, cavities still affect nearly 100% of adults worldwide, and as much as nine out of ten Filipinos. This can be attributed to the lack of awareness on the importance of food in caring for the teeth, which has led the American Dietetic Association to state that, “nutrition is an integral component of oral health.
Dental care habits ingrained from childhood include brushing and flossing, visiting the dentist at least twice a year, and using a fluoride toothpaste. However, the role of individual diets on oral health has not been addressed beyond the usual warning to avoid sweets to prevent tooth decay.

Thought your family is safe from cavities just because they avoid sweets? Think again. While sweets are a major contributor to cavities, all types of food can cause cavities – even healthy options – because of a little-known byproduct of food consumption, sugar acids.

According to Dr. Vicente O. Medina III, Dean of College of Dentistry at the University of the Philippines Manila, sugar acids are created “when common oral bacteria feed on starchy food residue, usually within minutes of a meal. The acid level in the dental plaque rises, enabling sugar acids to attack the teeth.” While most people would be quick to blame sugar, it is actually sugar acids that are number one cause of cavities.

Since sugar acids are byproducts of starchy foods, even daily staples such as rice and bread, fruits and vegetables, and soda and snacks contribute to cavities. In addition, the longer food stays in the mouth, the higher the incidence of trapped food particles, and the higher the risk of tooth decay. Foods perceived as sticky do not stay in the mouth for long while those perceived as non-sticky are actually retained longer.  Potato chips stay longer in the mouth compared with milk chocolate and caramels  while chocolate and bananas are cleared from the mouth faster than white bread .

What does this mean for families? Most people have grown up with the notion that sweets are either the only or the number one cause of cavities. However, these studies have shown that it is sugar acids from high starch foods that attack teeth and cause tooth decay even with a healthy diet. Even simple eating habits such as snacking and chewing gum can contribute to cavities because they prolong the period in which sugar acids can attack teeth. For example, according to the Mayo Clinic, “acids found in diet and regular soda, energy drinks, juice and wine can erode tooth enamel, leading to tooth decay.”

By focusing on a diet healthy not only for the body but also on the teeth everyone can combat sugar acids and prevent cavities even while eating. A balanced diet, along with proper dental care using products that combat sugar acids, and a daily cleaning regimen, a cavity-free future can be within reach.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Attack of Bacteria in our Mouth
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Good oral hygiene begins and ends with bacteria. Start with a healthy environment for good bacteria to grow, and maintain this regimen by preventing bad bacteria from accumulating and causing plaque, cavities, and bad breath.

Win the fight against the bacteria in your mouth with oral care habits, starting with the food you eat. Avoid sugary and starchy food, consume more vegetables, and drink your eight glasses of water a day. After eating, always brushing your teeth, use oral care products with anti-bacterial features, and clean your tongue with scrapers or your tooth brush. By knowing the enemy of good oral hygiene, you can easily win the fight against it.

mouth bacteria

Friday, September 19, 2014

Smart All-Day Surf Abroad
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Every time I travel, I make sure to buy the country's local sim just so I can have data plan on my mobile. Having data while traveling is important to me especially when I travel alone and I need to use maps and Google things! Not to mention, post selfies :P

Just this month, Smart Communications recently launched its unlimited data roaming offers!

Smart All-Day Surf Abroad is an affordable data roaming package for Smart Prepaid subscribers, the first in the country. Now you can enjoy all-day mobile surfing (check work emails, surf the Internet, post on your social networks, etc.) for only P500/day in top Asian destinations. This is valid from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM on the date of activation.

Smart All-Day Surf Abroad is also available for Smart Postpaid subscribers, with different rates and covered areas.

Countries covered:
- Hong Kong (via Hutchison)
- Indonesia (Indosat)
- Japan (NTT DoCoMo)
- Macau (Hutchison)
- Malaysia (DiGi and CelCom)
- Singapore (Starhub)
- South Korea (KT)
- Taiwan (FarEastOne)
- Thailand (True)
- Vietnam (Vinaphone)

This year and the next, I am already booked for Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macau, South Korea and Bali!

So - O M G!!! I'm so excited to have this, I don't have to buy prepaid sim anymore! What's good is that I don't have to worry about bill shock or unwanted data charges because it is in flat rate pesos! A very good deal indeed :)

It's also very convenient to register to this, visit this link for more information:

Goodbye June Wins Unsigned Only Music Competition
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I have been a fan of country music ever since I started watching Nashville. I have much respect for the music industry by then. Their talent and craft makes the world a beautiful place.

Nashville Band, Goodbye June wins Grand Prize in Unsigned Only music competition!

John Oates, Rosanne Cash, Of Monsters and Men, Dustin Lynch,
Mike Posner, Neon Trees, and 3 Doors Down Are Among 2014 Judges

Unsigned Only Music Competition is pleased to announce its 2014 winners selected from over 8,000 entries worldwide. The overall Grand Prize goes to the up-and-coming Nashville band Goodbye June with the song "Daisy." Judged by a roster of high-profile journalists and artists such as Of Monsters And Men, Rosanne Cash, Mike Posner, John Oates, Dustin Lynch, Anthony DeCurtis (Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone), and many more, Unsigned Only is a unique music competition for solo artists and bands who are unsigned to a major label.

Winning $10,000 cash and additional merchandise, the Grand Prize winner also receives the unprecedented opportunity to be mentored by the top echelon of record company professionals, including Presidents and top-level executives from Universal Republic, Sire, Elektra, Atlantic, Warner Bros., Capitol, Sub Pop, Big Machine, Roc Nation, Virgin, Word, American Recordings, and Minty Fresh.

"We're thrilled that our judges selected Nashville rockers Goodbye June as this year's Grand Prize winners," state Founders Candace Avery and Jim Morgan. "As a band that is clearly moving up the ranks in the independent world of rock and roll, we predict it won't be long before this band will be gracing the same stages as some of their more
well-known idols. Goodbye June, hello world!"

Southern rock with a contemporary twist, Goodbye June's music showcases their individual and collective talents, as well as their grit and soul. The three cousins who comprise Goodbye June believe that the key to their success is their openness and honesty with each other, and this has contributed to how their sound was created.  Formed after the death of the guitarist's brother, playing music became an emotional release and a big part of the healing process for them. Their debut album "Nor The Wild Music Flow" was released in 2012, alongside their debut music video "Microscope" featuring St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher and country star Steve Holy. The band embarked on a debut European tour in the Fall of 2013 where they toured through Germany, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Belgium, France, and Spain during a 6-week stint across the Atlantic. The guys are currently finishing up their yet-to-be-titled sophomore album with Grammy-nominated producer Paul Moak.

When told the news that they had won the Grand Prize, Goodbye June responded with, "We're incredibly grateful to Unsigned Only and to the judges for selecting us. It's an exciting time for Goodbye June, for Nashville, and for rock 'n roll."

In addition to the Grand Prize winner, many other deserving artists are winners in their respective categories. With a total of 11 categories and First and Second Place in each (along with a list of Honorable Mentions), Unsigned Only covers all genres of commercial contemporary music, including: Adult Album Alternative (AAA); Adult Contemporary (AC); Americana; Christian; Country; Folk/Singer-Songwriter; R&B/Hip-Hop; Rock; Pop/Top 40; Teen; and Vocal Performance.

In addition to all the category winners, Unsigned Only launched a new opportunity for entrants called Screen Shot. Geared toward the placement of music in film, TV, advertising, and video games, Screen Shot's goal is to connect independent artists with industry contacts who are looking for music for upcoming projects. The 2014 winner is the Los Angeles, CA band The Bicycle Mob for their song "Bursting Into Life." In addition to cash and prizes courtesy of Radio Airplay, the winner also gets to directly network with a group of music placement executives, including: Alec Sharpe (Shine America); Ani Johnson (Monomyth Media); Chip Miller (Desert C.A.M. Studios, Inc., Winmill Films LLC); Cindy Badell-Slaughter (Heavy Hitters Music Group); David Weiss (The SongHunters); Evan Stein (Experience Music Group); Jamie Sparks (Kicksta Music Group); Jennifer Taunton (Level Two Music); Jessica Cole (Lyric House); Karyn Rachtman (Mind Your Music); Linnette Harrigan (Linnette Harrigan Media); Michelle Bayer (Shelly Bay Music); Michelle Silverman (Modern Planet); Pat Weaver (Discovery Network); Rebecca Rienks (E! Entertainment/NBC Universal); Richard Kirstein (Resilient Music); James Michael Kempter II (JMKconnections); and Velma Barkwell (East End Music).
2014 Judges include: John Oates (Hall & Oates); 3 Doors Down; Neon Trees; David Crowder; Rosanne Cash; Craig Morgan; Delbert McClinton; Darryl McDaniels (Run DMC); Of Monsters and Men; Black Francis (Pixies); Aaron Shust; G. Love; Jason Gray; Dustin Lynch; The Mountain Goats; Alt-J; Mike Posner; Rapsody; Anthony DeCurtis (Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone); Chris Richards (Pop Music Critic, The Washington Post); Josh Jackson (Co-Founder and Editor-In-Chief, Paste Magazine); Lucy Jones (Deputy Editor, NME); and Michael Hann (Music Editor, The Guardian)

2014 Mentors include: Monte Lipman (Founder and Chairman/CEO, Republic Records); Jeff Castelaz (President, Elektra Records); Seymour Stein (Chairman, SIRE Records and VP of Warner Bros Records); Pete Ganbarg (Executive VP/Head of A&R, Atlantic Records); Mike Elizondo (Sr. VP of A&R, Warner Bros. Records); Tony Kiewel (VP of A&R Sub Pop Records, Hardly Art, Sub Pop Publishing); Allison B. Jones (VP of A&R, Big Machine Label Group); Josh Bailey (Sr. VP of A&R, Word Label Group); Kim Stephens (President, Forward Entertainment and A&R/Capitol Music Group); Lenny Santiago (VP of A&R, Roc Nation); Dino Paredes (Sr. VP of A&R/GM, American Recordings); and Evan Peters (Director of A&R, Virgin Records)

Sponsors include: Guitar Center, Casio, Sony Creative Software, Ultimate Ears, Disc Makers, D'Addario, The Intellitouch Tuner, Topspin Media, Mrs. Fields Cookies, The Music Business Registry, and Celebrity Access.

Unsigned Only is now accepting entries for the 2015 competition. Information on submissions can be found at
The 2014 winning songs can be heard at
The complete list of 2014 Unsigned Only winners is as follows:
Goodbye June  (Nashville, TN, USA) - "Daisy"

Friday, September 12, 2014

Pole Practice for Today
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I just watched fitness videos. Wow, people got skills! And I just realized, they are the way they are because they train hard. I will do the same. Today, I just practiced tricks I need to nail. :) So far, they are hit and miss. I practice to have them forever :)

Twisted grip handspring jackknife
Twisted grip handspring, saddle

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bagong Ganda, Bagong Pag-Asa with Maxi-Peel
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I don't know why there's a lot of controversy about beauty. What's there to argue about? It is a fact that Beauty, both inside and out, inspires the world. But due to many factors, our natural ability to present our best selves physically, could be quite challenging.

We are our own brand. When you present a brand to someone, you prepare and do your best to sell it. It's the same when you present yourself to people, when you apply for a new job, talk to clients, try to make a sale, or when you go on that first date. Good first impressions go a long way so I understand deeply this need for us to be presentable.

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions we ever face. I don't know if was ever a human being who was born in this world who never had pimples, but I know most of us have already had one. It has affected our lives in many ways, from confidence problems to losing a job. Treating acne, especially if it got serious (infection), costs so much that the only way to go is to prevent this from coming.

Acne happens when the natural sebum produced by our skin gets blocked by dead skin cells and bacteria infects it.

We can't do anything about the natural oil that our skin produces, but we can do something about our dead skin cells by exfoliating.

Maxi-Peel has been known to help the exfoliation process. Exfoliation is a natural process that helps remove dead skin cells to transform your skin and reveal a new you. Exfoliation is a natural process but with time, slows down.

Maxi-Peel's Skin Renewal System has 3 Stages:
1. Remove (stinging)
2. Renew (redness)
3. Reveal (peeling)

After 2 weeks, it is worth it!

Maxi-Peel also asked a few of their users to share about their experience with Maxi-Peel. One testimonial I can relate to is Cheska's because I too, was a cheerleader in school. Stress, puberty, sweat and a whole lot of factors gave me my first acne.

Breaking free from bad skin and seeing herself differently, Maxi-Peel was able to give Cheska the confidence she needed. Bagong ganda, bagong pag-asa.

Now that you know what brings life to pimples, it's about time you know how to prevent them. Not only will you avoid pimples when you exfoliate, you will also have a more radiant, more youthful skin!

*If symptoms persist, consult a doctor.
**This is a sponsored post for Maxi-Peel.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Playing with Skechers
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These are really training shoes with memory foam. I could not resist bringing them with me to Tagaytay because I know I'm going to walk a lot. I <3 Skechers :)