Friday, January 30, 2015

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
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My part time job is to be a Pokemon trainer :) what? I really love this game! I've been playing this since I was a kid, and I still find it fun until now!

I'm currently playing Omega Ruby.

So far, I'm loving it! I won a costume Pilachu and I got free stuff using the code POKEMON 490 and POKEMON 500 in mystery gift :)

Are you playing too? Add me! And putbyour friend code on the comment so I can add you too. :)

Friend Code: 0834-1024-3314

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hello MacBook Air, Unboxing and Why I Buy Apple Products
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So, I used to be a proud owner of a MacBook Pro 13', but when we went to Boracay and I had to bring it for work, I felt it was too heavy for my traveling lifestyle. I decided to downgrade (or upgrade?) to the lightest MacBook I can find - the 11' MacBook Air 2014 model.

This time, I bought it from Power Mac in Rockwell. I got it for 44,900. A worthy investment, I'm sure this will last me 10 years if I really take good care of it.

Why I love Apple products?

I used to hate them, really like why would I buy an overpriced gadget when I could by a similar device that could function the same at a price way lower than that of Apple?

When I bought my MacBook Pro and used it for 3 years, and when I bought my first iPhone about 4 years ago, that's when I realized that I am paying for durability. I used to buy non-Apple laptops, they would function well for 1 year, and then I will encounter problems (lag, freezing, blue screen, cd/dvd-rom not working anymore, sounds got busted etc).

When I had my MacBook Pro, I never had problems at all and it's the only laptop I used for 3 years! The only problem I used to have was that it lagged when I updated it to the latest software. I just think it's because of the VirtualBox I installed and when I used it, it would lag. VirtualBox is where I installed a Windows Operating System. Yes, you can install a Windows OS if you want (only recommended if your Mac can take it. 8GB ram would be no problem!

Goodbye MacBook Pro

I had separation anxiety with this one! I had to give it to a new home :) It works really well especially that I reformatted it like brand new. It doesn't lag anymore of course because I did not install Windows anymore. It's still beautiful and I did not want to let it go... but what would I do with 2 MacBooks?

Hello MacBook Air

It is perfect when I travel, or when I just go to the gym and work at a coffee shop after. 


I will take care of you, like you'll take care of me. 

It is fast, efficient, effective, pretty and I love it! 


And thank you Matt for getting me a Hellolulu laptop backpack for my MacBook!

I love Hellolulu! It's so light and comfortable to carry around :)

Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year Dinner at Chili's
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We've been together for almost 2 years and we haven't eaten in Chili's yet. Finally, we decided to have our New Year's dinner here :)

We ordered Big Mouth Burger Bites and Triple Dipper :) Our bill was Around 1,100 ++ in total. I think it was too kuch for 2 people but Would be enough if you both are really really hungry!

4 kini burgers, onion rings and fries

I really don't like onions, but they had it like a shoestring and covered with light breading - it was delicious!

Our New Year's resolution - to order enough. Plain and simple :P

Happy New Year guys!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Benefit Love - Belle de Jour Box
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The November 2014 Belle de Jour Box consisted only of Benefit goodies. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Benefit! <3

I have some of the products already in my purse, but I just loved to get the travel size with me! Check out these goodies that came with the November BDJ box <3

BDJ Box - Benefit

It's a box of happiness!

BDJ Box - Benefit

All that's inside the November 2014 Belle de Jour Box Benefit exclusive

BDJ Box - Benefit

They're Real! Mascara, 8.5g

BDJ Box - Benefit

They're Real! Push-up Liner, 1.4g
Onw sweet find. It's an eye liner I first encountered with benefit. Push the stem, and the liner will flow out!

BDJ Box - Benefit

Push up and apply!

BDJ Box - Benefit

Stay Flawless 15-hour primer, 15.5g

BDJ Box - Benefit

Big Easy Complexion Perfector, 35ml

BDJ Box - Benefit

Lollitint Lip and Cheek Stain

BDJ Box - Benefit

Benetint Lip and Cheek Stain
I have a bigger bottle of this, and I love that it came at this size!

BDJ Box - Benefit

Bathina Scented Body Mist

These are more bonuses that came with the box!

BDJ Box - Benefit

BDJ Box - Benefit

BDJ Box - Benefit

I have these 3 stored in my travel makeup kit. You never know when you gonna need them and they're tiny, you'll barely notice they're there!

I love getting miniature versions of makeup. These are the ones I would love to carry around with me. Lightweight, and easy to manage inside a makeup box

To order your next Belle de Jour Box, visit their official website:

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Blog Giveaway: The Convenience of Two Anyone Delivery
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One of the many perks of heavy training such as pole dancing, is that you're allowed to eat after. You need to fuel the muscles that are tired and fatigued to replenish or repair them - to make you stronger. We were practicing for our Polecats Manila 5th Year Anniversary: PRISM when I thought it would be best to just order food. This made us avoid the hassle of going through traffic and having to dress up. We were already tired and we just wanted to eat in our pole clothes!

We ordered from Two Anyone!

Two Anyone

How to Order from Two Anyone

Ordering online is pretty easy. I actually recommend ordering online, but you can also give them a call at (02) 212-1212, order via text or via the mobile app.

That's 4 ways to order at Two Anyone!

1. Order online

I highly recommend ordering online because it's the most convenient way for me. The system remembers your orders, that way, if you want to order the same order, you won't have to go browsing again.

- Click on "ORDER NOW" or Log-in to your account.
- Enter your Address.
- Choose if you want items to be delivered or catered in your residence, in a hotel, or for take out.
- Choose from the available establishments offering delivery.
- Select the time you want your order delivered.
- Put menu items in your delivery cart.
- Submit your order and you will be sent confirmation via SMS, email or phone.

2. Order by Phone

If you want to order by phone, you might want to view the menu online first at the "View Menus" page.
- Call 212-1212
- Tell the operator the establishment and the menu items you would like to order

3. Order by Text (to call back)

If you don't have a landline at reach, you can use your mobile phone to order. Have Two Anyone call you to get our order.

How to get a text callback:

- Text ORDER to 0918-2121212 or 0922-2121212.
- In a minute, our agent will call you back to take your order.
- Tell the operator the establishment and the menu items you would like to order

4. Mobile Ordering

You can also order on your mobile phones by downloading the twoanyone app on the Apple Store or on Google Play! Click on the links below to download for free:

Enjoying our delivered meals from Nipa Hut/Motoyari - Pasig

Two Anyone

We did not order rice. So this yummy Pancit Malabon took its place! It's a generous serving, and we were able to share it with the building guards. We ordered good for 5-7 people.

Two Anyone

We also ordered calamares, best eaten when hot.

Two Anyone

Our main dish and our favorite. Nipa Hut's Crispy Pata! Cruncy and tasty. It's really good with rice or with the pancit malabon.

Two Anyone

Of course, we ordered barbeque, just so we have something to munch on during our break time.

Blog Giveaway!

I'm giving away three 1000 GCs to 3 readers!

Contest ends on January 14, 2015 at 11:59 pm, Philippine time.

Winners will be picked randomly by Rafflecopter. I will announce 3 winners on January 15, 2015. I will check the validity of the winning raffle entries.

There will be 3 winners, each will win 1000 Two Anyone GC!

Simply follow the instructions on Rafflecopter below and earn raffle entries. Good luck and Happy Holidays!

Connect with Two Anyone

Twitter: @twoanyonedotcom
Instagram: @twoanyone212

Monday, December 8, 2014

Ibis Styles Hotel - Kuala Lumpur
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I stayed in Malaysia for about 11 days in total just this November. This is the longest stay I've had in a foreign country. Come to think of it, Malaysia is not so foreign for me anymore, I think I visit, or stop by this country for at least 2x a year - either for business, or lay-over or just visit friends.

Nevertheless, any traveler needs a good place to stay. I have always done my bookings via It's just the most convenient online booking tool that I use for a lot of reasons.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Best Price Guarantee (If you have reserved a hotel room through Agoda and then show and email Agoda customer service that you could book the same room for the same dates at a lower rate that is viewable and bookable on another website, they will either match that rate or beat it.)
  • Discounts! (insider-deals, early bird savings, mystery deals etc.)
  • Free Cancellation up to a certain date for select hotels
  • Book now, pay later option
  • Plus, you get to earn points, so you can use this to book in the future
Malaysia Nov 2014

3 Hotels I stayed

Ibis Styles KL 

Ibis Styles is a chain of hotels located worldwide, and Ibis Styles KL is among the biggest in the Asia Pacific. It has about 500 rooms to accommodate business and leisure travelers. This would be good for company trips, in case you are planning one for your company!

Ibis Styles KL Fraser Business Park


The biggest advantage to this hotel is that it is easily connected to an LRT line. If you don't like riding trains, they also have a free shuttle service to Suria KLCC (Petronas Twin Towers) and Pavillion Shopping Mall is available at 11:00 AM and 12:00 noon. If you need to go somewhere at anytime, you can book a taxi or a hotel van service through the reception. Price for the taxi or van will range from MYR 25 to MYR 60, depending on the type of shuttle (taxi or van) and the destination area. MYR 25 could take you to Bukit Bintang area. This is good if you are sharing with other people and split the fare. But, if you're riding solo and you want a little bit of walking exercise, you can still opt for the LRT. MYR 3 could already take you to KLCC (Petronas Twin Towers) or KL Sentral (train to airport).

Taking a taxi from the hotel to the airport would cost about MYR 90.

Malaysia Nov 2014

Attractions nearby

For sightseeing options and local attractions, one need not look far as the hotel enjoys close proximity to Pudu Market, Choon Wan Kong, the World’s Longest Mural and much more. Jalan Alor is just 10-15 minutes away by taxi.

Malaysia Nov 2014

Jalan Alor - Hawker style, street food, and also a tourist spot. If at midnight you crave for some food, just get a cab, go to this place, and feast your eyes, and belly!

This photo was taken a little after midnight.

Malaysia Nov 2014

The Pavillion Mall and KLCC are just 10-20 minutes away from the hotel!

Hotel Interior and Facilities

Ibis Styles Kl Fraser Business Hotel is an added testament to the new concept of economy hotel with its new contemporary and vibrantly designed rooms. The hotel d├ęcor is playing with designers colors, emphasizing on unique design and happy mood on every floor. The hotel has a restaurant, sTREATs, with an open concept kitchen, a trendy bar, 4 meeting rooms, kid’s corner, interactive corner, and a gym.

Ibis Styles KL Fraser Business Park

Great food selection for their breakfast buffet, which was already included in our hotel booking!

They also have a Kids Corner, a playground, gym, meeting rooms and interactive center.

*photos courtesy of

Hotel Rooms

We got a twin room, complete with basic toiletries and mini-pantry with complimentary water, coffee, tea and water heater. The room has a wall mounted TV with some basic cable TV channels. Our room had a comfy couch too!

Ibis Styles KL Fraser Business Park

We stayed in a standard twin room.

Malaysia Nov 2014

<3 this couch. This is where we painted Dud's arms in preparation for the night's Pole Stars Malaysia Competition.

Malaysia Nov 2014

CD, drawing tribal symbols on Dud's arm (the tribe prince)

Malaysia Nov 2014

They have a working table, which was very helpful for me because I had to bring work with me while traveling.

Malaysia Nov 2014

Complimentary water, coffee and tea!

Malaysia Nov 2014

You can even request an iPod dock :)

Bathroom / Toilet Area

Some travelers are very particular about the bathroom area of their room. Me, I just want it clean - like the one we had in our room!

Malaysia Nov 2014

Our sink, which also had basic toiletries. If you are missing any, you can just request for one via housekeeping.  The toilet has a little window where you can get natural light during the day.

Malaysia Nov 2014Malaysia Nov 2014

Toilet area is separate from the shower area :)

Malaysia Nov 2014

Did I say good natural light by day? Yes I did, but I'm saying it again - good for selfies... or more importantly, when you do your morning routine (shave, put makeup etc.)

Restaurants Nearby

Apart from sTreats which can be found on the 4th floor of the hotel, there are also other restaurants within the vicinity. The nearest one is Old Town Coffe, then there are other Indian, Malaysian and Chinese restaurants nearby. They also have 7/11 just across the street and KKMart where you can buy groceries. At night, there's also a shabu-shabu/hot pot style food card/street food just right in front of 7/11.

Malaysia Nov 2014

Old Town Coffee - is a must when you're in KL

Malaysia Nov 2014

and yes... Kaya toast!

Malaysia Nov 2014

Thank you Ibis Styles for becoming our home for 3 days! Thank you Agoda for being a part of our journey, for becoming a part of our passion!

We traveled across the seas to extend our passion to the world.

Of course, the main reason why we went to KL, was to celebrate our love for pole by joining Pole Stars Malaysia Competition.


Miguel Ignacio (Migna)
Professional Mens Open - Pole Art and Ultimate Champion

Kayleen Ortiz and Duds Ignacio
Professional Duo Open - Runner Up

We are also VERY VERY proud of our Pole Kitten and Pole Tiger (our students) who trained so hard and shared this love of pole with us!

Ronnie Singun
Amateur Mens Open - Champion

Georgina Rovira
Amateur Womens Open - Champion

Malaysia Nov 2014

The reason why I love traveling, is because I learn a lot about the place, the culture sometimes a little bit of myself too. It feels good to travel with a purpose whether it be to experience the place or to celebrate life moments. My life, is not measured by days or years, it is now more meaningful sharing these moments with other people.

Malaysia Nov 2014

This was me checking out... I will definitely recommend this hotel to everyone and will definitely book here again!

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