Friday, September 12, 2014

Pole Practice for Today
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I just watched fitness videos. Wow, people got skills! And I just realized, they are the way they are because they train hard. I will do the same. Today, I just practiced tricks I need to nail. :) So far, they are hit and miss. I practice to have them forever :)

Twisted grip handspring jackknife
Twisted grip handspring, saddle

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bagong Ganda, Bagong Pag-Asa with Maxi-Peel
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I don't know why there's a lot of controversy about beauty. What's there to argue about? It is a fact that Beauty, both inside and out, inspires the world. But due to many factors, our natural ability to present our best selves physically, could be quite challenging.

We are our own brand. When you present a brand to someone, you prepare and do your best to sell it. It's the same when you present yourself to people, when you apply for a new job, talk to clients, try to make a sale, or when you go on that first date. Good first impressions go a long way so I understand deeply this need for us to be presentable.

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions we ever face. I don't know if was ever a human being who was born in this world who never had pimples, but I know most of us have already had one. It has affected our lives in many ways, from confidence problems to losing a job. Treating acne, especially if it got serious (infection), costs so much that the only way to go is to prevent this from coming.

Acne happens when the natural sebum produced by our skin gets blocked by dead skin cells and bacteria infects it.

We can't do anything about the natural oil that our skin produces, but we can do something about our dead skin cells by exfoliating.

Maxi-Peel has been known to help the exfoliation process. Exfoliation is a natural process that helps remove dead skin cells to transform your skin and reveal a new you. Exfoliation is a natural process but with time, slows down.

Maxi-Peel's Skin Renewal System has 3 Stages:
1. Remove (stinging)
2. Renew (redness)
3. Reveal (peeling)

After 2 weeks, it is worth it!

Maxi-Peel also asked a few of their users to share about their experience with Maxi-Peel. One testimonial I can relate to is Cheska's because I too, was a cheerleader in school. Stress, puberty, sweat and a whole lot of factors gave me my first acne.

Breaking free from bad skin and seeing herself differently, Maxi-Peel was able to give Cheska the confidence she needed. Bagong ganda, bagong pag-asa.

Now that you know what brings life to pimples, it's about time you know how to prevent them. Not only will you avoid pimples when you exfoliate, you will also have a more radiant, more youthful skin!

*If symptoms persist, consult a doctor.
**This is a sponsored post for Maxi-Peel.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Playing with Skechers
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These are really training shoes with memory foam. I could not resist bringing them with me to Tagaytay because I know I'm going to walk a lot. I <3 Skechers :)

Thank you for the Music Hardwell!
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Hardwell made his collab song with W&W, "The Dance Floor is Yours" free for download!

Thank you for the music, see you soon in Manila! xoxo

Monday, August 25, 2014

BIGFISH Innovation White 2014
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This is the Era Of White. 


Let us all unite in WHITE for one magical dance event! 

Featuring international DJs: 


With BigFish resident DJs: 

Ian Sandrz 
Chris Raueber 


For early VIP tables call 8088080 / 09178847333 


Stage 1: Php30,000.00 
Stage 2: Php25,000.00 
Stage 3 & 4: Php20,000.00 

All VIP tables come with 1 Premium bottle of Absolut vodka, 10 SML beer + a mixer. 

VIP tickets: Php3500.00 comes with 2 drinks 

Cocktail tables: Php7,000.00 good for 5 pax, comes with 20 SML beer 

Pre-selling tickets: Php700.00 
Door charge: Php1200.00 

For VIP table / ticket reservations, call 09178847333 / 8088080. 

Work Hard Party Harder

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hardwell in Manila 2014
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I just saw Hardwell's post this weekend and I cannot contain myself! I cannot miss this, I have to be there!!! Hardwell is by far my favorite, he can rock the party like no other!

BIGFISH is bringing Hardwell to Manila on his Go Hardwell or Go Home tour!

Save the date, October 1, 2014 - 9pm at the MOA Arena.

Preselling price tickets, valid until Sep 2. 2014 

Dance floor: P3855.00 
Lower Box:  P2625.00 
VIP Limited: P6510.00

after preselling period:

Dance floor: P4888.00
Lower box:   P3250.00
VIP limited:  P7500.00 

Click here to book.

For VIP tables call the BIGFISH office at 8088080 / 8089549 / 09178847333

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Philippines goes 5G with Smart LTE-Advanced
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I remember the first time Smart Communications introduced LTE. I was one of the bloggers who tested this great technology in the island of Boracay. Back then, I was so amazed at what it can do!

I ask myself now, could this get even better? The answer is YES! 

Two years after the deployment of Long-Term Evolution (LTE) or 4G technology in the country, Smart just announced that 5G wireless technology LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) is now running in the Philippines'  largest and strongest network.


Smart switched on LTE-A at the Smart Jump Center in Mandaluyong City recently, setting the next phase of mobile communication technology beyond 4G LTE standards.


LTE-A, also referred to as ‘5G’ by reports on leading global mobile operators AT&T and T-Mobile, delivers data from between 100 megabits per second (mbps) to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps), or ten times faster than 3G services and more than twice as fast as 4G services.

Co-founder and Chief Wireless Advisor of Smart Orlando B. Vea (first from left) during the tests of 5G LTE-A in Smart last year, where speeds reaching 209.66 mbps were recorded.


By firing up LTE-A technology on its network, Smart joins only a handful of carriers around the world with an LTE-A network, along with leading mobile operators in South Korea, United States, Singapore, Australia, and Hong Kong.


- a 10MB file takes less than a second to download

- YouTube videos no longer have to buffer

- video calls are almost lag-free

- capability to allocate more network resources to users when the need arises. 

Smart started testing LTE-A across the country in August last year, delivering results of more than 100Mbps in Makati City, in Boracay, and in Davao City during the Kadayawan festival.


Monday, August 11, 2014

Day 5: The Good Box PH Home Delivery Food Service
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Breakfast (360 kcal)
Mixed Vegetables and Cheese Sandwich

AM Snack (150 kcal)
Fresh Homemade Smoothie (not sure what it is but I think it was milk and Lychee)

LUNCH (300 kcal)
Nutty Chicken Penne

PM Snack (120 kcal)
Oat Cookies

Dinner (300 kcal)
Tofu Tacos
Vegetable Sticks and salad dressing dip

This is the last day of the 5-day 1200kcal delivery. Overall, I say good job Good Box :) Things I noticed regarding my diet are the following:

- I feel full! but get hungry easy. Maybe that's why food is divided to 5 meals :)
- Lots of fruits and veggies
- They use brown rice and couscous <3
- I needed more protein. Maybe I should have gotten 1500kcal
- healthy digestive track (you know what I mean)
- Need to add more meat if I did a heavy workout

Have you tried any of the food delivery service? Where and how was your experience?

Flair Dates: Lunch at Spiral and Pampering at Le Spa
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Spiral has been one of Manila's most loved restaurants. If there is any major occasion, important date with a special someone, celebration, or just a craving for quality food, everyone would think of Spiral. Spiral is divided into 21 dining ateliers where secret recipes are masterfully prepared right before your very eyes.  The range of cuisines is expansive and the attention and detail to each dish has the focus of an artisan.  

I would love to indulge myself with what Sofitel's Spiral and Le Spa has to offer, and of course I want to share this experience with people who are most dear to me. 

Sofitel and Le Spa

Wednes-date :)

Sofitel and Le Spa

Every time I dine at Spiral, I get a different experience. They frequently change, update and upgrade their menu, ingredients and decor. Of course, it gets better and better! 

Sofitel and Le Spa

One thing I noticed is that they incorporated to-go items in between the food sections.

Sofitel and Le Spa

Some of the items we actually see being served in Spiral, could actually be bought to go!

Everything you see can be customized to fit your palette, whether you want it spicy, less sweet, more salty, it's up to you!

Sofitel and Le Spa

Salad and Appetizer 
Fresh locally grown produce and organic colorful vegetables freshly picked from their garden tossed for the guests by chefs with your choice of home made salad dressings.

Sofitel and Le Spa

Jewels from the sea from oysters, salmon, prawns, crabs and other seafood sourced from all over the world prepared with fresh organic vegetables and your choice of sauces from white wine, vinegar or zesty lemons.  

Sushi Sashimi 
A raw bar with all the fresh sushi and sashimi. Japanese rituals abound at this cold stone counter. Temakis and nigiri are in abundance.

Sofitel and Le Spa

Meat and Cheese lovers will be on seventh heaven in this room where one could feast from a wide variety of premium aged hams, charcuterie, smoked fish, artisanal cheese from France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Switzerland creamery products. Pair them with olives, herbs, sun dried tomatoes, olive oil, sauces and condiments for a real gourmet experience. 

Sofitel and Le SpaSofitel and Le Spa

Hot Japanese 
From a delectable choice of fresh natural ingredients, Japanese cuisine never ceases to amaze one with its simplicity and artistry.  Enjoy a selection of traditional grilled sea food, meat and vegetables cooked at the robata or at the teppanyaki.

French Stove 
With every dish meticulously prepared, authentic French dishes are a labor of love. Savour home-made seared foie gras, luscious roasted meat and carving, seafood, grilled food and regional French cuisines that will surely impress every gourmand.

Sofitel and Le Spa

The aroma of roasted meats triggers the sense of taste and brings back the time honored traditions since 1400 in Paris. Slow cooked meats give you a chance to try a selection of home – cooked lamb, chicken and pork with its rich natural juices blended with various marinades and herbs from the secret recipes of Sofitel chefs.

Sofitel and Le Spa

Wood fired oven
Pizza with pizzazz – just as the Italian “Mama” makes it at the traditional wood-fired oven with fresh ingredients.

Savor a variety of mouthwatering juicy skewered steaks and sea food with matching hot sauces and your choice of herbs straight from the churrasco which originates from Brazil.  Ask the chefs that move around to grill what their fine meats and seafood are on offer that day.

Sofitel and Le SpaSofitel and Le Spa

North Indian 
Inspired by maharajah of Northern India, your taste buds are in for a fiery and spicy treat. Discover the pomp and pageantry of Indian cuisine - North (naan and tandoori) and South Indian cuisine (dosa and chutneys) at its best. Lavish and homemade dishes include tandoori-spiced meats with Indian and Asian breads and sauces.  Vegetarians will surely have a feast with a selection of dal, paneers and chutney.

They also brought in this oven straight from india to make authentic naan breads.

Sofitel and Le Spa

Asian Noodles
Hand pulled Asian noodles prepared many hours before; with a variety of broth, sauces and an extensive range of condiments and soup stocks to choose from.  If that is not enough, ask the chef to make your own noodle recipe.  Try the authentic steamed and fried dimsum from different parts of China.

Sofitel and Le Spa

My new favorite from this section is their Laksa! I got this last, and I'm happy I still made a little room in my tummy for this, it was delicious!

Peking Duck Oven
Roasted to perfection, enjoy peking duck, one of the Chinese atelier’s star dishes which goes back to the tradition of the Emperors Palace in Beijing during the Imperial times.  Also on offer are Chinese barbecue.

Sofitel and Le Spa

Chinese Wok 
The sight of flames, the sight and sound of the Chinese master chef cooking stimulates one’s appetite. Let him entice you to try his signature dishes reflecting all parts of China whether Cantonese, Hunan, Sichuan and regional.  Also choose from a selection of Wok cooked Chinese dishes.

Sofitel and Le Spa

Steam Baskets  
Savor endless authentic steam and fried dimsum from siao long pao, siomai, dumpling and wonton from all over China.

Warm your palates with a delectable array of traditional Filipino dishes like beef tapa and adobo with its unique sauces from coconut base and dashed with spices. These can be paired with your all-time favourites such as the mouth-watering kare kare with its peanut based sauce and the amazing crispy pata among the many which will want you to crave for more.  Surely just take the culinary adventure and try the Filipino dishes with homemade and heirloom recipes from their notable Spiral Chefs.

Sofitel and Le Spa

Fiery flavors of Thai cuisine beckon you with its fabled soups and curries. In contrast to the chili dishes Thailand is known for, Thai food infuses a lot of zesty lime, kaffir and basil to its rich flavors.

Sofitel and Le Spa

Sofitel and Le Spa

Sizzling plates and freshly tossed vegetables await Korean food aficionados.  Korean dishes like dakdoritang (spicy chicken stew) and changjorim (soy braised bean), kimchi, bulgogi , beef short rib barbeque, chili chicken barbeque, pork rib barbeque, squid chili barbeque, bibimbab, five kinds of kimchi and five kinds of namal will be on offer for you.

Sofitel and Le SpaSofitel and Le Spa

La Boulangerie
Follow the smell of warm and freshly baked baguettes, pain au chocolat, croissants and you end up at the La Boulangerie right at Spiral where you can choose from a selection of freshly baked breads – all hand rolled.  Healthy choices include rye and gluten free breads.

Sofitel and Le Spa

La Patisserie
Sweet endings are the perfect way to end a memorable dining experience – succumb to the temptation of freshly baked French pastries of all shapes, fillings, textures and sizes.

Sofitel and Le Spa

Chocolates are the stuff sweet dreams are made of. Indulge in artisanal chocolates, truffles and pralines intricately designed whether dark, white or milk chocolate from the best cocoa in the world  and all freshly made for you by their chocolatiers.  One bite of these devilishly good chocolates will surely send you to seventh heaven with its intense flavors and colors.

Sofitel and Le Spa

Sofitel and Le Spa

Imagine sweet temptations – all types of ice cream at the tip of your tongue from your favourite fruity and citrus flavors along with dark chocolates and toppings.

Sofitel and Le Spa

They also have Puto Bumbong and other native sweets (kakanin) and they use muscovado sugar. They do support local farmers.

Sofitel and Le Spa

local cheese

Sofitel and Le Spa

They also had drinks that you can order, I had the Three Teas (the one in orange).

Sofitel and Le Spa

Candies that look like treasures in a chest! :)

Sofitel and Le Spa

You can also reserve a private room if needed for events, gatherings and special celebrations.

Sofitel and Le Spa

After the scrumptious lunch, we walked around the compounds of Sofitel.

 Our last stop, Le Spa.

Sofitel and Le Spa

Inside Le Spa's spacious locker room.

Sofitel and Le Spa

You don't need to bring anything if you plan on getting pampered here. Relax and chill, they got you covered from toiletries to disposable underwear, towels and robes!
Of course, I did not take much photos inside the sauna room, steam room and bubble bath. I felt "tenderized". My muscles that were very hard at work appreciated this.

Sofitel and Le Spa

After using the sauna, we were ready to get our massage. This is their couples room, you can get different packages, customized to your needs.

This room is where you can avail of the “Duo” Couple’s Romantic Ritual package. It's a 3-hour use of the suite with a choice of a 90-minute Marrakech Sweetness or Filipino Pride massage for two; includes a bottle sparkling wine, decadent pralines and a sensuous bath ritual.

Sofitel and Le Spa

This was the last photo I took before we indulge in the Tranquilite package. We had a 60-minute Marrakech Sweetness Massage and a 30-minute Coconut Body Scrub.

All my senses renewed. This was also our way of celebrating our first year anniversary. <3

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila
CCP Complex
Roxas Boulevard
Pasay City
Tel: (+632) 551-5555
Fax: (632) 551-5610

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Day 4: The Good Box PH Home Delivery Food Service
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Today, I got quite a mix of everything. 

Breakfast (340 kcal)
Banana Oat Bars
Juice and Fruit

AM Snack (120 kcal)
Macaroni Salad

Lunch (320 kcal)
Chargrilled Chicken with Mint and Currant Couscous

PM Snack (150 kcal)
Fruit and Cheese roll-ups

Dinner (258 kcal)
Vegetable Gumbo
Grown Rice