Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Status of Number Coding at the Fort
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I'm just writing this out because there are no official announcements on any of the MMDA, Taguig and Makati website regarding the official status of the number coding at the Fort. Last April 2013, Bonifacio Global City (BGC), is declared part of Makati already. Makati has number coding in effect from 7am to 7pm. The Fort used to be part of Taguig, which does not have number coding. And since it is now part of Makati, it is confusing if it should implement the number coding system of Makati or not.

So I asked MMDA (@MMDA), Taguig (@IloveTaguig1) and Makati (@MakatiTraffic) official twitter handles and this is the conversation.

Friday, June 27, 2014

PLDT TVolution - Converts regular TV into Internet TV
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I often wonder what my world will be like in 5 years. I would track back to 5 years ago, just to remember what I was thinking then, what "today" would be like. I was already blogging for a year. The concept of Social Media was pretty much new to everyone but people saw the potential in using them. Everyone went wireless and connected to the Internet. I never thought navigating the Metro traffic would be easier with my smartphone and booking cabs would be easy using my phone too! I never thought TV could also connect to the Internet and become "Smart" like my mobile gadgets.

Today, we are privileged to have tablets, smartphones and smart TVs. These things make our lives more convenient, more in-tuned with what's happening with the rest of the world, and more customized to our own preferences. 

Not everyone in the Philippines has an Internet TV. But a lot of us here want to experience the things that it can do. When the unconventional act of turning your regular TV into an Internet TV is accomplished in three easy steps, its considered totally amazing.

At least, thats how the fun-loving duo Debbie and Chloe describe it.  Shortening the phrase into the catchy expression totes amaze, these two young ladies share what they love about the wonder gadget TVolution, the latest innovation of PLDT HOME.  This small but powerful device has the ability to turn your ordinary television at home into an Internet TV, which offers limitless viewing possibilities.

Once you know what a PLDT HOME TVolution can do, you would be totally amazed like me! I appreciate how it offers amazing features while being very easy to use. It is now available for only P199 per month to the subscribers of PLDT HOME Fibr, as well as of PLDT HOME DSL Plans 999 and up.  At minimal costs, customers get the same benefits of a Smart TV.

Just WHAT exactly can it do?
  • It can bring your Internet experience to a screen larger than your desktop/laptop computer
  • your TV becomes your monitor
  • Access to exclusive PLDT HOME content such as Clickplay that lets you stream from a selection of over 200 blockbuster movies on-demand.
  • Unlimited entertainment at utmost viewing comfort

HOW easy is it to set-up?

TVolution also bypasses the complicated setup and operation of a gadget.  Take it from Debbie and Chloe, who love it because its easy yet so techy.  It can be done in three steps:

·      Step 1: Connect your TVolution to your HDMI-ready TV.
·      Step 2: Connect to your WiFi modem by typing in your password.
·      Step 3: Use your QWERTY remote to go online or watch movies.

To enjoy more of Debbie and Chloes quirks, visit their Facebook page Totes AmazeGirls. To learn more about PLDT HOME TVolution, call 171 or log on to pldthome.com.

HOW Does PLDT TVolution work?

The TVolution operates on an Android-based platform, powered by quad-core processors. You can connect it to any HDMI-ready TV and sync it with a PLDT HOME Fibr WiFi connection.

You can stream movies and TV series using PLDT HOME Telpad or any Android device as remote control. The features include:
  • 4GB internal data storage
  • micro SD card slot
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • HDMI input and output
  • 2 USB ports

Beyond movies and TV series

On top of high-definition movies from Clickplay and TV series from MyPinoyTV, TVolution users can also access more content by downloading apps like Spinnr powered by SMART Music and EA Games through PLDT HOME’s knaAPPsack. The TVolution also gives Fibr subscribers a multitasking TV through apps like Kingsoft Office, the ability to use their TVs to surf the Internet, and play games, both online and offline.

Paired with the speed and power of a Fibr connection, TVolution opens up a world of possibilities and helps subscribers create more of their strongest connections at home. Together, families can experience the best of communication, entertainment, and multimedia on the Internet through the secure platform TVolution offers. 

Find out more on www.pldthome.com or call 101-FIBR.

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Longest Distance on CinemaWorld
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I used to believe, watching TV or movies just wastes my time. Like, why should I watch other people's lives/stories, when I have my own life to live. I could do more productive things like work out and work, and think business!

Well, it's a good thing I realized that life ain't fun when all you think is work work work! I love my free time lately. I get to do the good things I love. I just realized, my end goal is just to be Happy. Happy to live and experience the world!

Speaking of happiness, what does a young boy want in his life? What makes him happy? I think, every child is still dependent on their parents. All they need is love, attention and nurture.

What happens if one, or both of the parents of the child die? I should know because I lost my father to lung cancer when I was (almost) 3 years old. This is the same struggle that Lucas, a character in the Venezuelan movie "The Longest Distance", will face as he loses his mother. Wanting comfort and reconciliation, he runs away to join his grandmother that he never met.

This movie garnered several awards in 2013 and it is going to air on CinemaWorld on June 29, 9pm.

Check out the trailer below.

For more details, log on to www.facebook.com/CinemaWorldAsia, follow @CinemaWorldAsia or visit cinemaworld.asia.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Smart Bro's New Dashboard
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Managing your Smart Bro subscriptions is now easier! With the new Smart Bro Dashboard, you can now easily access everything related to your broadband accounts.

You get to check:
- SIM number
- current load balance
- promo subscription validity
- full list of broadband packages

It also includes features like "Load Protect". When turned on, this prevents subscribers from unintended data charges. 

Check it now by going to smart.com.ph/dashboard

Free Facebook and Twitter!

Just try it! You've got nothing to lose, it's free! I've always taken advantage of the SmartNet service. With the new dashboard, you can also get free and uninterrupted access to Facebook and Twitter feeds through SmartNet. Just sign in to a SmartNet account and link your social media profiles and you will be able to post status updates for your friends to see :)

Here's a sample of my Tweet and Facebook measage using SmartNet (for free!) https://twitter.com/flaircandy/status/477106707751915520

Aside from this, you can also access content like music through SPINNR, movie streaming from Clickplay, and online game e-Pins from GameX. Visiting these sites from the dashboard is free!

The SmartBro dashboard is initially available to all prepaid Plug-it, Pocket WiFi and SIM-only subscribers and postpaid LTE users. The dashboard automatically opens when opening the browser, reaches zero balance or when "Load Protect" is turned on and  promo subscription expores.

To know more about SmartBro, you may visit tomorrowishere.smart.com.ph/brodashboard.

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I've seen these guys when I watch the movies before. They're the awesome musicians using ordinary daily items to create music in that Dolby Digital video!

I heard it's the second time they came over to the Philippines! 

Thank you Matt for dragging me along with your friends to watch, I am definitely inspired!

Not only did they produce an awesome musical production, they also incorporated mini stories and little puns / jokes throughout the show. They were also very interactive as they guided the audience to create music out of their own hands.

It is one show you should watch while they're here! Tickets are available at 

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

STELLAR GOES POP: Polecats Manila Pole and Aerial Summer Show
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As part of the Polecats Manila summer tradition, we will be staging a dance recital, entitled “STELLAR GOES POP” this June 7, 2013, 7:00 PM, at the AFP Theater, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City. The show is Polecats Manila’s 4th Summer Recital and is aimed to highlight the skills and talents of the students fondly called the Pole Kittens and Pole Tigers. The show will feature 120 recitalists and guests doing pole, aerial silk and aerial hoop routines to pop songs from the 80s to 2000s. It will be an exhibition of art, athleticism and passion for this newly-respected artform. The show is expected to draw in an audience of 850-1000 people.

We believe that every trick, climb and spin can become strength, grace and art. As a performance group, Polecats deliver fluidity in motion, with performances that fuse ballet, jazz and gymnastics. Every performance is a reminder that the extraordinary is our specialty.

Tickets are at Php 500 available at the event date or at 22nd Floor, Strata 100, F. Ortigas Jr. Road (formerly Emerald), Ortigas, Pasig City.

For Tickets and Inquiries, you can email info@polecatsmanila.com or text +63917 – 701 7653

RSVP on our Facebook Event Page: http://bit.ly/stellargoespop

See you there!

Twitter: www.twitter.com/polecatsmanila
Instagram: www.instagram.com/polecatsmanila
Facebook: www.facebook.com/polecatsmanila

Phone Numbers:
Classes: +63 (917) 700-7653
Gigs: +63 (917) 701-7653
Landline: +63 (2) 631-0818

Email: info@polecatsmanila.com
Address: 22nd Floor, Strata 100, F. Ortigas Jr. Road (formerly Emerald), Ortigas, Pasig City

Collage of our student's individual photos!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

PLDT Home Bro Ultera - Fast LTE Connection at Home
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Last April 29, I was at the SMX Convention Center to celebrate the launch of PLDT HOME Bro's addition to its family. They officially launched PLDT HOME Bro Ultera—the TD-LTE-powered (Time-Division Duplex-Long Term Evolution) high-speed wireless Internet connection for the home offering speeds of up to 10 Mbps.

PLDT Home Bro Ultera booth

Ultera is a perfect fit for digitally active families like me. Never have I imagined in my life that my mom would be into social media (Facebook and Instagram), but ever since she got herself an iPad, she couldn't stop stalking me in the internet! Of course, it came with sweet and unexpected punchlines like "Add me on Whatsapp." or "I'll teach you how to connect your bluetooth."

During the event, they gave us clickers so that the audience can participate in a game. The fastest person to answer the question correctly gets an iPad mini! Guess who was one of the fastest person to answer a question correctly -- ME! yaye! Being fast definitely has its advantages!

The world has evolved in many ways I did not expect and Ultera allows for continuous family fun and bonding whether it’s through social media, online streaming, or downloading.

Photo from the Teng Brothers Facebook.

PLDT HOME Bro Ultera also introduced their new brand ambassadors - the Teng siblings specifically brothers Jeric and Jeron, and sister Almira. If you follow local basketball, then you know that the Teng brothers are known for their rivalry on court during the 76th season of the UAAP.

Hosts Andi Manzano and Sam YG with Jeric Teng

Jeric, who now plays for the Philippine Basketball Association, was a shooting guard for the University of Sto. Tomas (UST) Growling Tigers, while younger brother Jeron is a forward for the De La Salle Green Archers. Almira, on the other hand, is currently a fine arts major at UST.

Andi Manzano and Sam YG with PLDT Home Bro Ultera Ambassador Jeron Teng

The Teng family are self-confessed home buddies who enjoy downloading and watching movies together, and entertaining themselves through music and social media. At the event, they showed us how quick Ultera can download videos, music and upload photos, in comparison to the speedy skills of the Teng brothers and other people with the fastest skills.

PLDT HOME Bro Ultera is currently available in three plans:
  • Ultera Basic, with speeds of up to 3 Mbps
  • Ultera Max, which reaches up to 5 Mbps
  • Ultera Pro, which delivers speeds of up to 10 Mbps.

Ultera also comes with special add-on services like enjoying over hundreds of blockbuster flicks from clickplay and thousand of episodes of Asianovelas and Tagalized animes from MyPinoyTV. Music savvy people like me can also have access to thousand of music hits from Spinnr, while the youngsters (that includes me) can enjoy the latest EA Games. For the more mature members of the family (that's you mommy) they can get the latest news and information from News5 Everywhere.

PLDT HOME Bro Ultera is also fast enough to support the use of PLDT HOME TVolution, a powerful Android device that turns ordinary TV into an Internet TV. Watch out for that!

For more information on PLDT HOME Bro Ultera, log on to pldthome.com/homebro.

Also follow PLDT HOME Bro on:

Facebook: facebook.com/pldthome
Twitter: @pldthome
Instagram: @pldthome

Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Vietnam Trip
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I am still not over our trip to Vietnam. I did not expect the place to warm my heart.

My itinerary:

Manila to Kuala Lumpur
KL to Hanoi
Lao Cai
Sa pa
Ha Long Bay
Tam Coc

My trip was April 3 - 12, 2014. 10 days in total

We had a lot of free time after Ha Long bay and we even watched a movie - Noah! Because it was banned in Malaysia.

I missed these guys, the last time I saw them was when they were here in the Philippines.

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

Clean and Clear Facial Wash
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Clean and Clear has new facial wash made for teens! It uses gel formula that effectively fights teen skin problems such as pimples, blackheads and oil without drying skin. These are also oil-free, perfect for our warm and humid weather.

It comes in three variants, Foaming Facial wash, Fruit Essentials Brightening Lemon and Fruit Essentials Energizing Berry.

For updates, check out Clean and Clear Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/cleanclearphilippines

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Laboracay 2014: Jack City, Live The Adventure
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I was not supposed to go to the Laboracay weekend this year, but when you get an invite from Jack City to Live the Adventure, you can't say no!

Jack City invited us (Me and Ynnah) as Smart Ambassadors to Live the Adventure and complete 24 hours of challenging games, activities and parties!

My and Ynnah

This is to celebrate Jack City's new show that aired earlier, May 6 at 1pm: 24 Live Another Day.

24: Live Another Day is friendly to all viewers. Whether you follow Jack Bauer's exploits or not, you can just tune in easily to the show without getting lost!

Yes, his story is revived with a really good twist! You would know this if you watched the premiere earlier! If not, don't worry, just catch up on the latest episodes of 24 Live Another Day on Jack City!

It was definitely a fun experience! It was one of my dream jobs to become a CIA agent, but I think this is the closest I could get to experiencing that!

In the end, me and my awesome partner Ynnah won the challenge and we won round trip tickets to Coron! Yaye!

Thank you Sky Jet for flying us safely to the island.

We stayed at The District Boracay

#solaroneboracay activities just right in front of District!

View from our room <3

Yes, I accept this mission!

Thank you Patagonia for the shoes - this is love!

Got me ready to reach the sky with these shoes!

Me and Ynnah both got to the top and get our Skyjet flags! :)


The next day, we had cross fit challenge. This picture was taken before the challenge where I still had energy to do pole tricks :P

Thank you to all the sponsors as well! 

And yaye! trip to coron for us and new Smart Samsung Pocket smart phones :D

Thank you Jack TV, Solar and Smart for inviting us! We really had fun!

You can still watch 24 Tonght!

Check out Jack City Schedule for May

Follow Jack City, Solar and Smart!

Jack City Facebook: facebook.com/Solar.JackCity
Smart Communications Website: smart.com.ph
Smart Twitter: @smartcares
Solar One Boracay instagram: @solaroneboracay